The Best Video Game Inspired Halloween Costumes


Video games are a great place to find costume ideas. Whether you prefer console games or online MMORPG games there are infinite sources of inspiration in the virtual world. But putting together a costume based on a video game character, especially if the character is your own creation and not a famous character like Halo’s Master Chief can be difficult. If you don’t have the skills or the desire to make an entire costume from scratch it may seem like you’re out of luck. But you can easily adapt costume pieces that are easily available to fit the aesthetic of your favorite game. Whether you are creating a Final Fantasy Halloween costume or a Bioshock costume you can use pre-made costume pieces to get the look you want without putting in a lot of time or effort.

Assassins Creed Ezio Adapt Existing Costumes

The easiest way to create a video game Halloween costume is to buy an existing costume that has elements that you can customize. A superhero costume with tights, boyshorts, and skin tight top can be easily changed into a World of Warcraft Halloween costume with just a few quick changes. Long skirts, petticoats, tutus and other costume items are also easy to customize. Cloaks, tunics, leggings and other historical Halloween costumes can be customized with patches, dye, or even fabric pens. A basic cloak can go a long way towards turning a costume into a specific video game costume. Pirate tops and other costume clothing like gypsy skirts can also be adapted to create beautiful video game inspired Halloween costumes. When you are looking at potential costumes to use in your own costume look at the pieces in the costume and think about how you could reuse them.

Second Skin Suits

skin costumeIf you want to turn yourself into an elf or another type of non-human creature that exists in the game you can use second skin suits or morph suits to cover your entire body. You can wear a mask and a second skin suit or you can wear a full second skin suit if that helps you create a better blank slate for your character. Second skin suits come in a huge range of colors and sizes so it’s easy to find the right color and the right size. With just a few accessories a second skin suit can turn you into any type of creature that you want to be for Halloween.

Accessories and Makeup

Using accessories and special effects makeup is also a very effective way to transform yourself into a video game character. Brightly colored anime style wigs are perfect for video game Halloween costumes. Accessories like wands, canes, cloaks, leggings, and stockings are all useful in finishing off a costume. Costume contacts can give you the typical halohuge eyes seen in video game characters. Makeup can provide the other unique facial features that you need to have in order to really sell your look. Elf ears and face changing effects appliances can create unique looks that will make your costume the winner at any Halloween party. Just remember that in order to wear costume contacts you will need to see an eye doctor and get a prescription. Even if you don’t normally wear glasses or contacts you will need to get a doctor’s prescription proving that your eyes are healthy enough to wear contacts before you can buy costume contacts. This is especially important if you want to wear the black costume lenses that will give you anime style huge wide eyes because those lenses can damage your eyes if you don’t wear them properly.

How to Put Your Costume Together

Once you have all the pieces that you need to create a great video game Halloween costume you may need some help figuring out how to put them all together. You may need to fabricate some armor or some other pieces. Online tutorials on YouTube are a great resource for makeup and special effects tips as well as fabrication and sewing tips. With just a little bit of extra effort and thinking outside the box you can create a stunning and unique Halloween costume based on your favorite video game.