The Best Scary Halloween Costumes for 2015


scaryHorror films and TV shows are always great inspirations for Halloween costumes. Some of the classic horror villains have become fantastic costumes that people still want to wear every year. The most classic killers and horror figures will always be part of Halloween. But there are a lot of modern horror figures that inspire some amazing costumes as well. Jigsaw from Saw is one modern horror figure that inspires some fantastic costumes. Because there are is a constant influx of new horror movies, TV shows and videogames there are always new terrifying figures that make great Halloween costumes.

Every year there is also a new crop of scary costumes based on some of the best terrifying villains from films and TV. While some of the classic horror costumes like Pinhead, Pennywise, and Michael Myers never go out of style there are some great new horror villains to dress up as for Halloween 2015. If you want to go Trick or Treating or attend a Halloween party as one of the best recent scary figures these are some of the characters that you might want dress up as for Halloween this year:

Mister Babadook

Mister Babdook from the film The Babadook is tarrying to both adults and children. There’s something about his very existence that brings up deeply hidden childhood fears even in adults who stopped being afraid of the monster under the bed a long time ago. If you love the great horror monsters of old films like Nosferatu and Frankenstein you can channel that same great horror energy by dressing up as Mister Babadook this year.

Twisty the Clown

Clowns are always terrifying. There have been some clowns over the years in films, TV and books that inspire the kind of mortal terror that causes people to have mental breakdowns from fright. Pennywise is one of the most memorable scary clowns. John Wayne Gacy’s clown persona is another. Now American Horror Story: Freakshow has added another clown to the list of the most terrifying clowns ever with Twisty. Even though fans didn’t see as much of Twisty as they wanted in the Freakshow installment of AHS what they saw was enough to rank Twisty as one of the most terrifying clowns of all time. Twisty the Clown is going to be a very popular scary Halloween costume this year.

Gareth from TWD

While he may not be the scariest looking villain Gareth from The Walking Dead is a scary figure and a great costume for Halloween this year. Gareth seems like a mild mannered non-threatening figure but under his leadership the people of Terminus slaughtered people and ate them. They kept people in train cars like cows raised for slaughter and would systematically kill them and eat them. Then, after Rick and the group escaped Gareth and the remaining members of Terminus hunted them down to kill them. They kidnapped Bob and cut off his leg, roasting it over a fire and eating it in front of him. Gareth was as ruthless and cold as Michael Myers or any other classic killer. Gareth is the kind of killer that most people never suspect. Not all killers are gross, or deformed, or appear scary. Garth appears to be a quiet friendly guy, just like your next door neighbor or co-worker, and that’s what makes him so terrifying. Gareth is the killer that you never see coming until it’s too late.


Creepy dolls have been used in horror movies for decades. There’s nothing scarier than those old-fashioned porcelain dolls that have corpse like pallor and lifeless painted features. Annabelle is an old fashioned doll possessed by a demon that can strike fear into the heart of anyone, not just the people who are afraid of dolls. The scariest thing about Annabelle is that she is based on a real doll that is supposedly possessed by a demon and responsible for paranormal activity and at least one death.

Annabelle is a great Halloween costume for women who want to wear a scary costume. The dead doll style makeup can be very scary and a lot of fun to wear for Halloween.