Swinging Halloween Props


zombie-swingThis year try turning your yard into a horror scene straight out of The Walking Dead with swinging zombie props and jumping props. In addition to having zombies wandering through your yard you can use high quality animatronics to add another level of reality to the scene that you create. These props are very realistic. They light up, make sounds, and reach out to grab the living and feast on their brains. The swinging zombie girl looks like she should be on the set of The Walking Dead and the zombie boy in the tire swing will terrify Trick or Treaters when you arrange him in one of your trees.


Here are more tips for creating a Walking Dead inspired zombie scene in your yard this Halloween:

Use fake plants to add foliage: In real life you can’t let your lawn and bushes grow out of control but after the zombie apocalypse no one will be mowing. In order to give your yard the overgrown wild look that is characteristic of a post-apocalypse world you can use cheap fake plants, stems, and trees from craft stores. You will be amazed at what kinds of foliage you can get for next to nothing. Spray them with crackle craft paint to make them look older and distressed and use them to fill in empty spaces in your bushes and at the edges of the lawn to make it look neglected.


Set the scene: Strew some trash on the ground in the yard. You can pick up some vintage props at thrift stores like decrepit old furniture, clothing and other items that you can leave around the yard to make it look destroyed and eerie. The zombies who are hanging out in the yard can make sure that nothing blows away or gets stolen. Put spotlights on some of the items that are large so that people don’t fall over them or bump into them but put a lens over the light to make is a softer, more diffuse light. Flares and emergency LED lights like the kind you find in a roadside emergency kit fit the theme perfectly.


Place props well: Place your zombie props in such a way that they create a path to direct people where to go. It won’t be good if people get so scared they run off in all nesterdirections. You can use the props to direct the flow of people through the yard. Use jumping zombie props along the path to make sure people keep moving and accent the decorations with the swinging zombie girl prop and the tire swing zombie boy prop. Encourage the zombies that you have roaming around to herd people in one direction and along a makeshift path. That way the Trick or Treaters will be safer making their way through and they won’t get lost in the yard.


Be part of the scene: To make this type of yard decoration truly terrifying you need to be in the center of it handing out candy. Walking up to a lighted door just won’t have the same impact for Trick or Treaters. To keep the scene consistent set up a makeshift medical and supply station in a corner of the yard. Use a sturdy craft or plastic table and decorate it. Use an old white bedsheet as a sign. Write on it with spray paint or large markers and hang it from the table, securing it with tape or nails.


Create Survivor Packs: Instead of just handing out candy hand out small orange plastic bags with the biohazard symbol on them filled with candy, glowsticks, and other small items. Handing the Trick or Treaters a candy pack and a bottle of water would be a great way to make the experience even better.  Make sure you have a lot of them made in advance, you will be the most popular house on the block.


Mark the Survivors: The Trick or Treaters who make it past the swinging zombie props in the yard, the jumping zombie props on the path, and the zombies roaming through the yard are the survivors. Use a blacklight pen or stamp to mark their hands so everyone will know they survived your zombie inspired Halloween horrorland. You can also use reflective tape to make an X on their clothing to mark them as survivors that are not infected.





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