Surprising Top Hit Films of 2013


As 2013 starts to wind down it’s no surprise that some of the top grossing films of the year were action and adventure movies. As you know, movies play a big roll in what people wear as a costume on Halloween. Iron Man 3 takes the lead as the highest grossing film of the year but that’s not really a surprise. The Iron Man franchise is wildly popular all over the world and the movies are always top moneymakers. The addition of Tony Stark to the ensemble cast of The Avengers also helped boost the popularity of Iron Man. Other popular movies of 2013 aren’t really that surprising either. Films like Despicable Me 2 and The Wolverine were predicted to be smash hits and they performed even better than they had been expected to perform. But some of the other top grossing films of the year were a surprise to many industry insiders as well as the general public.

Some of the biggest surprise hits of 2013 movieswere:


The Great Gatsby – The Baz Luherman film adaption of the classic novel was a super smash hit thanks to the modern touches found throughout the film. A great soundtrack featuring music by hit stars like Jay-Z and Florence and the Machine helped bring in younger viewers but it was really the costumes and casting that made the movie a huge hit. Fashion has embraced retro looks from the Roaring 20s and the early 1930s which are showcased in the film. The story is set at the height of the partying in the 1920s and the Art Deco design of the sets and the beautiful costumes have thrilled fans of the era and fans of retro movements. The timing of the film as well as the great quality of the production made The Great Gatsby a surprise hit. Critics largely dismissed the film but audiences loved it.


Olympus Has Fallen – in a year that was full of hard hitting action movies Olympus Has Fallen was not predicted to be a standout hit. It was predicted to do reasonably well because action movies always do well but the success of the film was a surprise. It ended up being one of the highest grossing films of the year and one of the most popular action films of the year. In the action  movie genre it can be tough for a film to stand out but Olympus Has Fallen impressed audiences with a clever story, good casting, and great action sequences.


Oz the Great and Powerful – Fans were not sure what to make of Oz the Great and Powerful at first but it soon became clear that this film would end up being nearly as classic a film as the Wizard of Oz film that it was based on. The style of the film, which pays tribute to the original film by starting out in black and white and switching to color, was a huge hit with fans. The casting and the story appealed to fans also who made it one of the top ten grossing films of 2013.


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