Dead End PressOctober 18, 2004 1st Edition




The Dark Season

Ever notice how the very texture of the air itself seems to change as summer ebbs away and autumn begins to slowly creep into our presence. Yes, there is the decreasing humidity, the crisping of the evenings as September progresses, even the almost ever present scent of burning leaves and ripe wood.
However, it is the more subtle undertones and flavors in the atmosphere around us as we near that all too bewitching season. It is the season of Halloween I speak of, of course. That time of year when all these stealthy changes make their presence aware to us all that are in tune with the near morbid fascination that this sacred holiday grips us with.
In the waning days of September I find myself swept up with a wry sense of glee and childish captivation as the Halloween merchandise enshrouds the aisles at the retail chains. The true feelings of magic go far beyond the commercial offerings but back to that deep spiritual awakening that the Halloween season evokes within.
The sixth sense that picks up the “feelings” in the air also resurrects that beacon of joyful wickedness like a vampire rising from the ancient earth after a long hibernation and hungry for nourishment in the light of the Harvest Moon.
It’s quite simply a wickedness that we quietly cherish. A devil’s charms that we embrace and revel in for a brief season as the voices of the ancient pagan world and the spiritual world have our ear and mind’s eye.
Those of you who share this possession of the senses and soul when the world seems to turn pitch black and burnt orange need no words.
The fascination is expressed with coldness that feels warm to us and tasted like prey in our mouths.
Halloween is not merely a phase of time but a ritual of our soul’s kinship with those that walk the shadows of many All Hallows’ past.
I feel it early this year. Do you?Submitted by Doppelganger


The Dream

Last night was a normal night but the hours, or what seemed like moments, before waking up were very different.
In my slumber, I dreamt of an amusement park that I have never been to but have dreamt of before. Slight details were different but mostly the same. With out notice or transition, my dream switched to the interior of a car. The conversation I held with the person sitting across from me is unclear. It was something about proving that someone else is present, a demon or a ghost, but I am not sure. As I hold out my arm, cuts in sets of three begin to appear and heal quickly into mild scratches. This is somehow not proof enough of the entity’s presence and with my companion’s second request comes a much deeper cutting. It appears as an old scar instead of an open wound. Then, letters start to appear on my arm right in front of my eyes. A – Z – Z…. I am unsure of the remaining letters although they strike me as being EOR. Suddenly, I feel as though I am not holding out my arm awaiting the cuts but rather standing behind someone, unseen, engraving letters with my blade, sharp fingers in both arms. I am the ghost. I can hear the words whisper ‘eeyore.’ Faint and in the distance as if I did not hear anything at all.
Awakened by the buzzing of my alarm clock, I have no feelings of fright but rather of curiosity. What could have provoked such a dream? I check my arm; thank God there is nothing there. A scary movie or sharing of ghost stories before going to bed would make this dream understandable; however, none of those things took place. My mind twists around itself creating more uneasiness than before. Behind every corner I fear I will see something that shouldn’t be there and wasn’t there moments before. Could there have been a demon by my side as I slept? Suggesting to my mind to dream bad thoughts? A quick prayer utters from my mouth trying to ease the mental anguish. Why this unprovoked dream of the things I despise the most?
Sleep tonight? Maybe.Submitted by Paintsaint


Fright Night
She gave him a stare
She gave him a fright,
All will be hell on this dark, stormy night!

The phone rang twice and no one was there.
She gave him the creeps, with her hateful stare!

Her eyes glowed red or was it the rum
that he drank all night, as that was his fun!

Her teeth were pointier, than he had thought.
He better swallow the aspirin that he had bought!

Her lips were rather black or was it dark red?
He’d better stop drinking and go up to bed!

Was that a cape she is wearing or a new negligee?
He stared in awe and did not know what to say!

She opened the window and a bat flew in
“Ouch”! He yelled out, I got stuck with a pin!

She tilts her head back and chuckles aloud;
“Happy Halloween”. Dogs begin to howl!

You called me a witch and so it is true.
Halloween makes me happy but you make me blue!

Submitted by Pumpkinhead

Trick or Treating

The wind howled all thru the night, giving Olivia a nervous fright, as she was out trick or treating on this Halloween night!

With little brother Lance by her side, they made their way up to Dead End Drive.

Ahead of them was a black iron gate that surrounded a big old estate!

An elderly man named Crazy Jack lives in this house, said Lance, who was dressed this Halloween, as a mouse!

He lives there all alone, as so they say, and never comes out, during the day!

He dresses all in black and keeps to himself he told his sister Olivia, who was dressed an elf!

The black Iron Gate that surrounded the house, suddenly opened and they heard a shout!

“Halloween Greetings!” was spoken to them, by none other than this mystery man!

He had a big bowl of candy and walked on down, and he was dressed as a silly ole clown!

Orange and black balloons were tied to his arms; this man was jolly and was no cause for an alarm!

“Trick or treat” Lance and Olivia shouted to their neighbor man, and he offered to shake their little happy hands!

“I am Jack” he said to Olivia and Lance, and offered them candy and started to dance!

He danced and he laughed and tooted his horn,
as Olivia and Lance took bags of candy corn!

He wished both of them a fun filled night and went off into the yard, laughing with delight!

Submitted by Pumpkinhead


Chain on Thy Heart
Re-lock the chain and never open again, her heart now protected by the species of men.

Promises are never more to be heard, as she shuts off her ears to every loving word.

Dismal and black, her world is so cold, never to trust and never be bold.

The pain is so real and never goes away,
she was so stupid, what more can she say.

Love never comes to this fair maiden one,
and many black clouds, soon cover the sun.

Burnt once more, in her search for true love,
she is looking for answers from the man, up above.

She trusts too easily and always takes a chance, on finding a true storybook romance!

The path soon ended, as he rode off afraid,
the colors of her rainbow, soon start to fade.

Salty tears fall down from her face, as she hopes for strong arms, to meet her embrace.

Her eyes are all red and her heart is all broken
the world of love, will never be spoken.

Submitted by Pumpkinhead
Grandma and the Radio

This is one of the many strange happenings that I have experienced in my life. I often joke about fact being stranger than fiction, but this is a true story – it happened to my entire family.
When I was in grade school, my Grandma Johnson had become very ill and as a result, needed to be placed in a nursing home. My parents decided that they needed to sell Grandma’s house to help pay the rising expenses for the nursing home. I had wanted her to come live with us, but a small house plus 3 kids, 2 cats and 2 parents, meant that there wasn’t enough room. Many strange things happened during the sale of the house and Grandma always said that it was because Grandpa Johnson, who had died there, didn’t want us to sell the house.
She always would talk to him, as if he were still there. Grandpa Johnson died in the front bedroom of the house. In what then was called a “freak accident”, he had been struck by lightening inside the bedroom as he was trying to close the windows to shut out the oncoming storm.
When we would visit Grandma at the house, she always had the big radio in the dinning room on KFAB, a local jazzy, smooth easy listening type station. It was my grandparent’s favorite station. Many times, when we visited, we would be sitting in the breakfast nook in the kitchen and the big radio would turn on by itself. No one was near it; no one was in the room. All on its own, it would kick on and hum and then would tune in to KFAB. Grandma would always say “It’s just grandpa”.
Grandma Johnson faded after a few years in the nursing home. She reached a point where the sparkle went out of her eyes, and then she grew to not knowing who we were. I remember it was so hard on everyone because we loved her so much, and to see her waste away like that made us all so sad.
She finally passed away on October 26th, 1965. It was not a happy time for us, but for me it was devastating. Grandma and I loved Halloween; it was a very special time for us. (It still is) What we did back then put me on the path to the Halloween junkie I am now. She was buried on October 29th. That year I knew that Halloween would never be the same. Still, my sisters and I went trick or treating and gorged ourselves on the treats. We all went to bed, and as I laid there listening to my little transistor radio, sneaking a listen to the Beach Boys, I heard my parents radio, and the radio in my sisters room, come blaring on…all the radios blasting with static. It scared the daylights out of me, my parents called out to see if we were all ok. We met in the hallway and looked at each other as each of the blaring radios cleared, and by some invisible hand, tuned to…
Yes KFAB. Mom tried to laugh and all together we said “It’s just Grandma”. Think we could sleep the rest of the night??? Guess Again!Submitted by duke 10311

On A Bench in the Park

It happened that this fine day,
I found Death was coming my way,
When it arrived cloaked and dark,
I was sitting on a bench in the park,I asked Death if it was sure,
That my soul it was to procure,
When it asked whom should go instead,
I had a list ready and I said,What about old farmer Fred,
You could have a cow accidentally kick his head,
Then there’s bird watcher Mary,
She could always swallow a canary,

Don’t forget gambling Bob,
How about a run in with the mob.
Martial arts guy Keith,
Should always keep his sword in a sheath,

Why not the cat burglar Scott,
Maybe it’s time that he got caught,
And the naughty school girl Nikki,
She’s done things to make her sickly,

Take a look at old lady Yvonne,
Hasn’t she been around too long,
Peer over at gun collector Doug,
Maybe he should put down that slug,

He’s giving up on life said Chris,
give him a little slice on the wrists,
Just look at night stock boy Mark,
be a shame if he fall down in the dark,

Death looked at me and said,
It never knew so many should be dead,
It said good day and took off on a lark,
I was left sitting on a bench in the park.

Submitted by Headlessshorseman


My Pumpkin Patch

My pumpkin patch did not grow,
so to the farm stand I must go,I don’t understand what went wrong,
I toiled over them all summer long,Pumpkins I wanted, grown myself,
now I must buy from someone else,

I don’t know what made them fail,
I gave them plant food and water by pail,

I will try next year with new seed,
and hope that next time I will succeed,

It’s nice to have pumpkins to carve and show,
but that only works if they grow….

Submitted by Headlessshorseman


Working Late

Chris is an intelligent man who works hard at his job and is respected by his co-workers. Like most of the people at his job, he will climb on lighting trusses and walk across steel girders to rig chain motors to hang those trusses. He is seemingly without fear. At least that was the impression he tried to give his co-workers.

Chris has a very big fear. He is afraid of being alone at the shop. The work schedule there is very crazy and at times and you could be heading into work at 3am or be leaving work at 3am.

The building is the usual metal framed style with sheet metal siding. It sits near a working farm and fields. The outside lighting is just enough to see your way to your car at the end of the night, or to see the building in the early morning.

It was discovered that Chris had a fear of being alone and having to leave the building in the dark. In the past, he has told co-workers about hearing noises coming from the field or seeing things in the tree line across the parking lot. He has casually mentioned how they scared him. He probably should have kept that to himself.

It happened on October 31, 2003. It was Friday night and Chris was heading back to the shop from a long day in Boston on a corporate lighting job. He arrived at the shop at 1:30am and thought he was alone. He would soon discover that he had company.

His co-workers had already arrived and were in hiding, waiting for their skittish friend to return. Some of them were in the trees and some concealed along the side of the building. One of them was in a very scary costume that was sure to send Chris over the edge.

As he parked the truck, the headlights shone briefly across the trees. Something was moving! Or was it? He couldn’t tell for sure. He sat and waited for any sign of the movement again before leaving the truck. There was nothing. He picked out the shop key and opened the truck door. The night was brisk and he walked quickly to the door 40 feet away. As he walked, he thought he heard a noise in the trees. Glancing quickly over his shoulder, he saw something! Breaking into a run he gripped the door key harder. Reaching the door, he desperately tried to open it. Not daring to look behind him, he yanked the door open and quickly jumped inside. The door slammed shut behind him.

As his pulse rate started to slow down he made his way to his office inside. He wondered what was outside and thought about the fact that he had to back outside to go home. Sitting down in his office, he checked his messages.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Chris leaped out of his seat! What the hell was that?!?! It was coming from the side of the building out in the shop area. He decided to finish up as soon as he could and head for home. This place was just too creepy at night.

A small flock of birds that had made the roof their bed for the night had started walking around on the roof of the building. The roof was made of thin sheet metal and so the noise was very strange to Chris. It didn’t sound at all like birds. The clatter began to get his pulse racing again.

Still unsure of what had made the horrible sounds earlier and wondering about the sounds above him, he decided to head for home. His car was parked on the far side of the work truck he had just returned in. It was going to be a mad 40 foot dash. He readied himself at the door.

As he opened the door a crack and peered out into the blackness, his co-workers prepared themselves. Chris jumped outside and quickly made sure the door was locked. He took off in an Olympic sprint towards his car. Two of his hidden co-workers were already crouched behind the truck. As he approached they began to bang loudly on the truck door that was hidden from his sight. Chris was in mid-stride but didn’t dare slow down. From the other side, another concealed prankster began screaming from the woods on the other side of the parking lot. Chris’ heart leapt into his throat. He ran faster! As he approached his car, he thought he saw a slight movement. The third co-worker, who was dressed in a horribly frightening pumpkin costume, jumped out from his hiding space.

The oversized pumpkin head and vine arms were lit by the parking lights and Chris saw it at the last moment! He screamed like he had never screamed before. Dropping his keys, he turned to head back to the shop. He didn’t get 10 feet before he saw two black, clocked figures heading towards him from the direction of the truck! He screamed again and realized he had dropped his keys and couldn’t get back inside the shop without them. He turned to look for the keys. The pumpkin creature had them hanging from a vine finger.

Chris panicked and started for the building. Making it past the two dark figures to the door, he began kicking and pounding on the metal. He was screaming “Let me in, let me in!!” as if the door would magically open for him. Sensing that Chris had had enough, his co-workers approached him. Chris spun around with his back pressed against the cold metal door and began pleading for them to leave him alone, to spare him, to have mercy on him.

Suddenly, one of the cloaked figures spoke. “You shouldn’t have told us you don’t like being here alone”. It was a voice Chris knew. The fiends began to laugh. As in unison, they removed their masks to reveal themselves. “What the …… who ……. what …….?” Understanding crept across Chris’ face. He yelled to them. “You scared the crap out of me!!” He wasn’t happy at all. “What the hell were you thinking?” The only answer was hysterical laughter. Finally one of them was able to get out some words….. “It was…. all in good fun….. You should have seen the look on your face”!

After a few minutes of laughing and talking, Chris and his co-workers headed for their cars. Chris admitted that now he would be even more afraid to be at the shop at night. He begged them not to pull the stunt ever again.

Are you wondering how I know this story so well? Have you already figured it out? You think I’m Chris don’t you? I was wearing the pumpkin costume! It’s almost Halloween again……. I’m going to have to check Chris’ schedule……

Submitted by Headlessshorseman


Tappy the Ghost

She walked out of the shower and what did she see,
writing on the mirror, in front of thee.Written was “Tappy” in a cursive script, with a halo noted above the “T”,
she could not believe what she did see!The light bulbs above made a tap tap sound,
this spirit was something of a clown!

She felt his presence in every room,
she hoped to see what he looked like soon!

Things disappeared before her eyes,
not appearing again until after she cried.

He touched her in all sorts of places he did,
was this real or did she flip her lid?

Scents of food and cigars she did smell,
Maybe she was mentally sick and not feeling well?

Radio and TV’s turn on and off, with the volume rising in tone,
weird sounds soon appear on her answering machine, at home!

Is she crazy and loony as can be?
No, it is her ghost Tappy, who she still can’t see!

Submitted by Pumpkinhead


Group Manifestation

It was one in the morning and not a sound was to be heard,
not from a human or even a bird.There was a small breeze in the dark cool air,
as Vlad walked home from the local town fair.Lights came up from behind,
Vlad felt out of his mind.

Who could this be at 1am he muttered,
as the car slowly stopped his skin shuttered.

He quickly spun around
the expression on his face was that of a frown

For in the car was two headless ones
coming for Vlad to have a little fun

Out came the knife
that shone in the pale moonlight

the knife that would seal
poor Vlad’s plight!

He turned and he ran
as fast as he could

They were right behind
He ran into the wood

Stumbling and falling
He ran through the trees

Tripped over something soft
And fell to his knees

Vlad looked down at where he had fallen
he soon heard the two headless ones callin’

‘YOU CAN’T RUN FROM US” they both called out
and Vlad answered back in a brave shout

“Who are you and what do you want from me?”
Then they screamed and laughed back horribly!

“We want your soul we want your head,
even if you run from us you’ll soon me dead!”

At this point something stirred in the ground
a faint voice came “What are you doing around?”

Vlad whispered back “who is that, where are you?”

“I’m right here by your shoe…”

‘what are you?’ Vlad asked, ‘a little man’
the voice rang ‘nah, more of a leprechaun’

‘these creatures that chase you are nothing to fear,
even though they draw near’

“But what do I do, what do I say, I just want them to go away”
Vlad asked the leprechaun, trembling in his shoes.

Taking a vial out of his pocket, Lucky Leprechaun handed it to Vlad.
He instructed Vlad to say “Undead be gone” three times while shaking the vial of Holy Water at the two headless creatures.

As Vlad shook the water everything turned black…
the next thing he knew he was awaking in his bed!

It must have been a dream he though, shrugging of the entire experience as he went down stairs to have some breakfast.

And just then the leprechaun came from under his bed, laughed and disappeared.

Submitted by Paintsaint, Pumpkinhead, Undertaker and BlackRose



She opened her heart with all she had,
praying that HE would be happy and glad,
but all he did was use her up,
and now she is crying like a pup.The pain is unbearable and it hurts a lot,
her heart stops beating, what has she got?The pressure she feels in her chest
is totally different, not like the rest.

Her chest opens and separates in half,
her heart flies out and she feels a draft.

Her heart lands on the floor,
rolling on over to the door.

It is embedded with slits and bruises galore;
she refuses to check it out anymore!

Sounds of pain reach her ear,
from the heart and draws her near.

Black tar substance leaks on out,
and makes her want to run as she shouts,
“I knew my heart was crushed in pain, but I am still alive, am I just going insane?”

The black liquid oozes all over the rug
and her heart screams it needs a hug!

She picks it up off the floor and promises never to fall in love anymore.
She hugs her heart and starts to cry,
tearing up HIS picture as a goodbye.

She sees thorns and glass all over the heart,
falling in love was not smart.

Holding the heart closer to her, she gently pulls out the glass and thorns and soon begins to hear a horn.

In front of her is the Queen of Hearts,
playing a song ugly and dark.

She promises never to fall in love,
and her heart is reborn with help, from the man up above.

Her heart leaps into her chest once again,
as she promises to stay away from men.

Submitted by Pumpkinhead


One Fine Day

One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead boys got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other,One was blind and the other couldn’t, see
So they chose a dummy for a referee.
A blind man went to see fair play,
A dumb man went to shout “hooray!”A paralyzed donkey passing by,
Kicked the blind man in the eye,
Knocked him through a nine inch wall,
Into a dry ditch and drowned them all,

A deaf policeman heard the noise,
And came and shot the two dead boys,
If you don’t believe this lie is true,
Ask the blind man he saw it too!

Submitted by Paintsaint


Sea Man

Sally walked on down to the beach
and saw a shell, out of reach.She ran into the roaring wave,
grabbing a shell, she tried to save.Instead, something came up and grabbed her foot,
and then the sea turned black as soot!

She wiggled her foot with all her might,
noticing no one else was in sight!

She sank deeper and deeper into the sand,
and then someone grabbed her hand!

Looking over towards her right,
she saw an eerie, gruesome sight!

A creature as black as the night,
With seaweed covering his frame,
Was pulling Sally out to land.

“Please take my hand” said he,
“for you are as lovely as can be!”

She let him help her out of there,
then lifted her up, into the air.

He carried her over to safety and looked at her foot, explaining she had been bitten by a gazoot!

It is an animal much like a snake,
living in seas and in lakes. “A couple of more bites and you would have been dead”
He told Sally as she lay on the sand bed.

He took some seaweed and wrapped up her foot
as gentle as a lamb, too bad Sally thought that he was not a human man!

Overwhelmed by this creatures help,
she gave him a kiss and he began to melt!

He turned into a liquid mess, boiling, bubbling and oozing all around, not making any kind of sound.

His remaining wetness, sank into the sand, no more was this mystery creature man!

Sally sat dazed and looked all around; all she heard were seabirds making their sounds, so she got up and slowly walked back to town!

Submitted by Pumpkinhead


Halloween Feelings

What is it that brings out the feeling I get when Halloween approaches?

I ask this to myself every year. I will stand silent for minutes on end starring at my yard months before Halloween, just looking into the yards very being. This will go here, that would be great for there an so on. I try to remember things I saw as a kid that sparked a reaction in me, and try to bring those back to life in my minds eye. I see things that I don’t remember at all at times and the feeling of someone else making me see these things is overwhelming. I stare some more.

I stare into the woods behind my house, looking for ideas to come running out at me, ready to catch them no matter how fast they come. The woods are a quiet and very noisy place all at the same time. A cool breeze blowing turns the leaves over on themselves, making a distinctive sound. There is that feeling again, a twinge in my stomach. Not a bad feeling at all, very relaxing as a matter of fact. I laugh to myself about last years visitors, remember how they laughed and screamed. Remember the things they said after. Remember the looks on their faces. I do love the woods.

I stare at the garage. Stare at the materials assembled into shapes and creatures meant to drive this feeling into my guests. I think what do these props and gadgets think when someone is scared at the site of them, are they happy to do that to people or not. I believe they enjoy it to the fullest, they cherish the feeling, they hate the time in limbo they have to spend. They want the feeling.

As I sit a listen to the Fall winds start to blow and the leaves rustle about, that feeling begins to build. It’s been there all year long, not always very strong but never ever weak. The thoughts of places to see again and new places to finally see make the days run by quickly this time of year. Building the feeling even more. The cool night air and moonlight shining brightly, casting strange shadows as it travels through the trees and clouds, makes my mind wonder what is out there that I want to see. What I don’t want to see, what sees me.

The feeling will be very strong soon, as the day itself gets closer. That feeling, I love that feeling. I know what it is. The feeling I get when Halloween approaches…….

it is Halloween….”

Submitted by Headlesshorseman


A Reason to Believe

He took her to the farm, in the next town,
looking for a pumpkin, mighty BIG and round!She ran out of the car and into the field,
the scare crow frightened her and made her yield!Her blue eyes opened wide as she stared up ahead and gave a yell,
“This farm is totally swell!”

Her little legs ran as fast as can be, stopping to stare at the pumpkin, near the old oak tree.

She will carve it with her Dad, who is artistically

She turned to her Dad and pointed below,
“I’ll take this one and name him Giant Joe!”

Her Dad place the prized pumpkin into the cart and wheeled it on over, to Farmer Bart.

The little girl laughed and her smile was rather big, she then began to jump and dance a cute, little jig!

The customers smiled back and even laughed themselves.
She showed them the reason to believe, in the Halloween season!

Submitted by Pumpkinhead


Sweet Man

The fog was thick and rich and she could not see
the thing that was coming out of the earth, in front of thee!It felt her face and grabbed her arm,
she was so scared and quite alarmed!Was it a wolf or a man,
unknowing this, she could not stand!

It made no noise but had a smell,
sweet like candy and that was dandy!

It met her lips and kissed her once,
she smelled candy being munched!

“Who or what are you” she asked of it.

It laughed and roared with a very deep voice,
“Don’t you know me, my dear Joyce?”

“How did you know my name” she asked
“I will tell you”, the voice answered happily!

I am Sweet Man and I live in the earth,
you walked below me and gave me birth!

“Huh” said Joyce more confused than ever,
today her mind was not so clever!

When all sweet ladies walk on the ground,
the birth channel below, gives out a sound.
We are born on mischief night, coming out of the ground, with sheer delight!

The more sweet ladies who walk on ground,
the more births there are, of us, around!

“But where do you go once you come out of the earth” she asked of him and saw he had golden skin!

There is a mansion down the road and we all live our lives there, it is called “Cocoa Square”.

“So I thank you, you lovely lass,
You gave me life by walking past!”

“I wish you well and enjoy your walk and I hope we meet again” said he.
Kissing her hands and waving goodbye he made his way home, happily!!

Joyce looked around and shook her head,
deciding to go back home to bed!!

Submitted by Pumpkinhead


The Witch’s Revenge

As the old witch bustled about her kitchen, gathering potions and paraphernalia, she ducked under cobwebs and around burning candles. She muttered under her breath. “I’ll get them all. I’ll make them pay, they’ll never forget the day they arrived here, and upset me!”

She shuffled around to the other side of the kitchen, and grabbed a jar of rat tails from off a shelf, opening the jar she reached in and took one out, she paused for a second or two, then decided to grab another one, closing the lid on the jar, she placed it back up on the shelf. With a satisfied grin on her face, she turned back to her cauldron.

She stirred her potion, as she added the last few ingredients. And then reached for her book of spells, flipping the pages until she found what she was looking for satisfied she had the right spell, she slowly began to chant the words from the book.

“With eye of newt, I vex you all.
From deep within, you’ll hear this call,

With dragons breath, and snakes that slither,
You’ll all be gone, I’ll watch you wither.

With tail of rat, and wings of bat,
I’ll get you all, I’m sure of that.

With lizard skin, and goblins hair,
Until your all gone, I’ll not be fair.”

With the potion all done, and the spell completed, the old witch grabbed a ladle and proceeded to fill a large plastic bottle; she capped the top of it with a pump, and then stepped through her kitchen door. Standing out in her garden, with her long flowing cloak billowing out behind her, she looked down at her feet.

With bottle in hand, glaring malevolently at what she saw, she raised the sprayer. Took careful aim and pushed the plunger, showering the weeds that were strangling her prized Petunias.

“I told you I would make you pay for this, and I will.” She cackled, as she continued spraying her garden.

Submitted by grinningbook


My Best Fright

Once upon a Halloween night,
I was out to give my greatest fright.
I looked around, and over the river,
I heard a noise, I started to shiver.
It wasn’t me that made that noise;
I wonder where I’ll find the boys.
I left them behind 10 minutes ago,
as monsters and ghouls all on the go.
They’ll trick or treat all through the night,
but I shall give them their greatest fright.
There is that noise, what can it be?
I know there’s no one here but me.
A rustle here, a growl from there,
I’m hearing noises everywhere.
I’m not afraid, oh no I’m not,
’Cause I’ve got the makeup to scare the lot.
I hear it coming closer now;
it has to be the boys somehow.
As I get ready to jump and shout,
the noises now are all about.
I spy a movement in the dark,
it moves as stealthy as a shark.
I jump out now, and shake my tin,
but all I find is two cats on a bin.
I laugh real hard, and give them a scare,
But oh my goodness what have they there?
I moved in closer to get a look,
Ohhh my god, it’s Timmy’s book!
I yelled and screamed, where can he be?
This is not happening, nooo not to me.
I hear a loud growl from in the dark,
now I’m running from the park!
Then Timmy yells with all of his might,
I scared you good! That was my best fright!Submitted by Grinningbook


Halloween Night

Tonight is the night, when darkness rules…
When creatures of every sort, rise from their pools,
Our ancestors trembled, with the deepest of fear…
For on this night, tonight…Halloween is here!In ancient times, t’was known, as All Hallows Eve.
As bonfires were light, to keep evil away it was believed…
But fact is stranger than fiction… or so they say,
for many of those fears… still linger today….As the moon rises full, we shiver with fright…
Waiting for the things… that go bump in the night..
Let the ghosts and goblins, and all things undead…
Fly into our hearts, filling us with dread…

And as we try desperately , to find peaceful sleep
Hoping and praying our safety to keep…
Our minds give way, to what gives us fright….
Because no one is safe… it’s Halloween Night!

Submitted by duke10311


Fright Night 2003

Friday 31st October was a typical night for this time of year…cold, wet and windy…or was it?

As the wind blew and the rain fell, Monsters of all shapes and sizes started their yearly gathering. Ghosts, Skeletons, Lunatic clowns, Zombies, Witches, Vampires and even a Lizard man, were just some of the gruesome creatures that huddled together as they planned and plotted their scares for the willing…yet totally unsuspecting… visitors that chose to pass through their domain on this…their 3rd Halloween Haunt.
As the rain fell harder a fortuneteller arrived, with an air of mystery about her. She came complete with crystal ball, rune stones, and cards ready to reveal all for those who wished to know what lay in their future, be it good…or not so good.
Gruesome face painting was also being set up on a table just inside the gates,
for anyone that wished to be transformed into a ghastly looking car accident victim, or possibly the survivor of a werewolf mauling, complete with protruding bones and lots of blood.
All moving props were double checked for safety and scare factor, 3 huge bowls of pre-bagged lollies were set out in readiness for the children. The scene was all set, with eerie music and screams coming from the backyard. Just before the victims…I mean visitors…arrived.
As it neared 5pm, the children slowly started walking up the driveway, unsure of what would happen behind the gates of this haunted house, their encounter at the first gate was with a Vampire, Wearing a black velvet dress and green velvet cloak, who looked like she had just been feasting on a tasty victim…with blood running down her chin, a pair of fangs protruding just below her top lip and a look of hunger in her eyes. She greeted them, tried to feed on some of them and then told them of two rules…
1. No attacking monsters.
2. Only six people in the backyard at one time… (A safety precaution because of the mud)
She then handed them a ticket so they could collect their bag of lollies at the end of it all and invited them in, as she licked her lips.
The children poured in through the gates, some of them lined up to have their faces painted, others headed for the fortune teller, which made them walk right under Bob.
Bob was hanging up under the carport, patiently waiting for a victim to stride past. And when they did, he dropped down to greet them. Several children jumped, and a few let out an uncontrollable squeal, laughter came next as they realized it was only a fake monster.
Face painting got started at a frantic pace, with what looked like broken bones poking out of children’s faces, oozing wounds were the flavor of the night, along with massive bruises and vampire puncture wounds.
As the first of six children lined up in front of the coffin…complete with skeleton…waiting to venture out into the backyard. ”Did that just move?” I heard one child ask. “Nah, it’s just a dummy like the one hanging up.” Was the reply from another child in the line. But oh no, this was no dummy, the coffin contained one of my helpers. Just as the children relaxed, the skeleton moved again. Setting off a round of gasps, as the children moved away from the coffin unsure of what to do.
The Witch at the back gate shuffled six children through and out into the backyard, this is where the fun began for those brave enough to face the monsters.
Three steps into the yard, and a monster came charging out of a kennel, growling and snarling. I heard a scream, looked down at the children who had just arrived and chuckled”. Ahhh…Victim number one!”
The six children continued further into the yard, only to encounter another monster on the first corner, which jumped out and made them all turn to the left.
Turning left lead them to a dead-end and yet another monster, that jumped out from around the corner of the fence, realizing there was nowhere else to go, they turned around and headed back to the split in the track, they then slowly eased around…without breaking eye contact…the monster that had made them take the dead-end track in the first place.
Thinking they could relax a little after encountering three monsters in the first two minutes of entering the backyard, they came across a rather innocent looking cubby house, complete with letterbox.
But this was no ordinary cubby house, there was eerie music, horrible screams and howling coming from within, along with a creepy green glow around the door way. The children stopped in front of the cubby, expecting something to happen, when nothing moved, they continued to walk past it, this is when yet another monster…The Lizard-man …swung open the door, growled at them and quickly closed the door again. This generated lots of screams, gasps, and fast moving legs,
as they all tried to get around the cubby as fast as they could.
The track then continued behind the shed, this area was covered with camouflage netting, from which a few bats hung down. As the children looked into this area, unsure if they should enter or not, a very still and quiet monster lurked inside the corner of the shed…out of sight by means of more camouflage netting, just as everyone started moving forward again, the monster made his attack, growling and snarling at them from within a foot of them. Now having no choice but to enter the camouflage area, where several wounded army men laying about the place, all nice and still…or so everyone thought…as the children maneuvered amongst the bodies, one of them started moving, this lead to more fast moving legs and lots of squeals.
Just around the side of the shed, hung strips of black plastic in layers making it impossible to see through to the other side, the anticipation of bumping into something gruesome halfway through this, had children emerging out the other side wide eyed and with the flee response bubbling within them.
With nothing scary around them now, they all relaxed and had a giggle amongst themselves, commenting of what had just happened. They then took a moment to look around the next corner, only to find a plastic skeleton and five dummies hanging up, through which they had to walk. This all went very quietly…with the exception of one small child that refused to go through unless his mother carried him…at the end of the hanging dummies, there was a white door on the right hand side. Nothing exciting about that, unless you got to close that is!
This door concealed a masked mad man with a chainsaw…plastic of course…
that sounded a lot like a real one, when he came dashing out from behind that door and chased them all past the guillotine and out of the yard.
The children all got their hand marked by the witch on their way out, comments made by those exiting the yard to the next six kids lined up waiting to get in ranged from “Great… really cool…way scary.” To “watch out for the guy in the cubby house”
Some collected their bag of lollies and left to trick or treat at other doors, others stayed around and watched face painting or fortune telling.

Grand total of visitors for the night…
91 Grade school children.
20 Teenagers.
50 Adults.

Submitted by grinningbook


In the Mirror

The fall breeze blew in the open window,
waking her from her restful sleep,
was someone there she did not know,
some intruder, a criminal, a creep,sitting up in her bed,
something moved on the other side of the room,
something in the dark or just her head,
could she be on the verge of doom,staying as still as she can,
and straining to see,
was it a beast or man,
just what could it be,

a scream she let out,
as she turned on the light,
leaving no doubt,
she was willing to fight,

adjusting to the light,
eyes getting clearer,
could this be right,
there SHE was……….in the mirror.

Submitted by HeadlessHorseman