When should I start planning my Halloween costume?


When do I choose a costume for HalloweenEven though it might seem like Halloween is far away it’s time to start planning your Halloween costume.   At the very least you should consider buying your costume no later than the first week of October before the best ones are sold out.  The best costumes take awhile to pull together and you have to make sure that you leave time to order any pieces that you have to order and build anything that you have to build. Even if you order a full high quality costume you may need to have it tailored or adjusted so ordering it early is a smart idea. It’s also a smart idea to order a costume one size larger than you usually wear to adjust for different manufacturer’s sizes. You can always have a costume taken in if it’s too big, or hemmed. But if it’s too short or too tight there’s really nothing you can do. Larger size costumes always sell out before smaller size costumes so that is another reason to order your costume early. If you want to be sure that your costume this year is amazing here is a quick timeline to help you with the planning and construction of your costume:

6-8 Months Before Halloween
Start deciding what costume you want this year. If you’re going to be throwing a Halloween party decide on a theme now and then pick your costume so that you can be sure your costume is the best one. Find a photo online of the costume the way you want it to look, or a photo of the character or actor that is the inspiration for the costume. Print out the picture and hang it up so you will have something to reference when you are choosing your costume.

Thing 1At this point it’s a smart thing to think about your body type, what is flattering for your body type, and how you can adjust a costume that isn’t a flattering style for your body to keep it looking like the character but also make it flattering. It’s also a good idea to start keeping a running list of all the different pieces that you will need for the costume from the main clothing to the accessories like hair and makeup to things like shoes and contact lenses.

You should also buy the larger costume components, like a gown or a suit, so that you can start buying the less expensive pieces as time goes on. But it’s best to get the pricey ones first so that you will have those to build the costume on.

3-6 Months Before Halloween
At this point the large pieces of the costume should be done and altered to fit you. Now you can concentrate on the detailed pieces of the costume and pulling the look together. Now is a good time to buy a lot of the accessories that you’re going to need to make sure they fit and that you have time to get them styled correctly. If you don’t know how to style or cut a wig you could ask some students at the local beauty school if they will do style or cut it for you. Most of them will be happy to get the chance to practice.

This is also a good time to make any costume pieces that you have to make like a sword, armor, a cloak, a crown, or wings. If you are making your own mask or special effects appliance this is the time get started on it so that you have plenty of time to redo it if it doesn’t come out the way that it should. You should also by now have a pretty good idea of the finished look that you want your costume to have.

1-2 Months Before Halloween
Most of your costume should be done by this point. This is the time for you to wear your costume and get comfortable in it. You should also be practicing the makeup and hair styling that you want to do and making sure that you know how to get the right look. This is the time to put any final or finishing touches on your costume so that when Halloween comes you will have the most amazing costume at the party.