Sinister Space is much better


Sinister Space launched a few years ago with a decent following.   As Facebook took off and Myspace took a dive, Sinister Space and other sites slowed way down in growth.  Battling spam is always a challenge.

Do you remember social media a few years back?   Things are very different.  The site has now completely re-de
signed the way everything works in the site.  The features are combined with the best features similar to those of Facebook, Myspace and other sites including more ways for members to promote things.   Anybody can create not only

a profile, but fan pages as well.

The site is now highlighting the Halloween – Haunt – Horror – Paranormal industries.   SinisterSpace is currently looking for suggestions regarding what info should be included for member’s profile so that it will be easy to find key people within an industry. much better.   Make sure to join and say hello.



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