Scary Movies People Love to Get Scared By


Scary movies are a lot of fun, especially when it gets close to Halloween. No one can say exactly why it feels good to be scared. Some social scientists say that it’s a throwback to a time far back in the development of human beings when humans needed to have finely tuned “fight or flight” reflexes in order to survive. Regardless of the reason when you’re sitting at home or when you’re in a theater with a lot of other people it’s fun to get scared because you know that ultimately you are safe and when the movie ends life will go back to normal. But some movies are made to trigger fears that exist deep within the human psyche. Those fears will keep you looking in your closet or looking over your shoulder for a long time. The scariest movies are usually movies that focus on psychological fear instead of gore or violence. There is nothing scarier than the things you can imagine jumping out of the dark at you or following you on the street or waiting for you in a dark corner. Fear of the unknown, fear of the unfamiliar and fear of pain are all powerful emotions that are brought to the surface by the truly great scary movies. Great directors like Alfred Hitchcock knew how to terrify an audience by leaving just enough to the imagination to be truly scary. Some other movies that people love to watch and be scared by are movies like:

The Exorcist – When it comes to paranormal terror nothing beats the Exorcists for sheer terror, and people can’t get enough of it. The creepy rumors about paranormal activity on the set during the filming and the fact that the movie was inspired by a real case give the film an additional air of mystery that people find fascinating and scary at the same time. The movie has been remade and re-released several times and has inspired many other paranormal films but it remains the hands down favorite scary movie for thousands of people.

The Ring – The Ring is an American movie based on a frightening Japanese movie called Ringu. The movie combines the fear of the paranormal with several other primal fears. The monster in the movie, a small girl, is terrifying because most people associate children with innocence and life. While the US version was widely considered to be not as scary as the Japanese film it was scary enough to make it a horror classic.

The Silence of the Lambs – The entire trilogy of films featuring Hannibal Lechter belong on this list but the Silence of the Lambs was particularly scary not because of the violence depicted in the film but because it brings the audience face to face with true madness and true evil, which is terrifying. The threat of random violence is one that will keep people awake at night because there is no way to predict or stop it.


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