Scary Garden Gnomes are Fun Decorations for Halloween


gnomeIf you want to add some Halloween flair to your garden or yard this year place some naughty scary garden gnomes around your yard. Scary garden gnomes are a fun twist on popular garden gnome decorations that millions of people have in their yards and gardens. You can replace your garden gnomes for the season with scary and threatening gnomes or if you don’t usually have gnomes out on display you can add some to up the scare factor of your yard.

Garden gnomes are mythical creatures that some people believe are real. In fairy tales gnomes are guardians of the wild life and plants which is why so many people place them in their yards. These tiny nature loving creatures are supposed to be gentle souls that would never hurt anyone. But other fairy tales and mythology that mention gnomes mention that they also have a darker side. Just like fairies, which are supposed to be pretty and sweet and grant wishes but also had a dark malevolent side, gnomes have a darker aspect to their natures.

People have tried to capture footage of gnomes for a long time. There are lots of videos online that claim the evidence of gnomes and fairies but 99% of them are hoaxes. Even though there is no scientific proof of the existence of gnomes there are several pieces of evidence that are credible and raise the possibility that gnomes might exist. One of the best pieces of evidence was caught by a well-respected paranormal investigation group, The Atlantic Paranormal Society, on an investigation they were doing in Ireland. TAPS is featured on the popular Syfy show Ghosthunters and they are considered to be the most credible paranormal investigators in the field because of their experience and because of their focus on scientific method and evidence. While doing an investigation at a castle in Ireland the TAPS team caught video on a thermal camera showing a ring of small bipedal creatures surrounding the investigators in a field. The investigators head the beings but never saw them. The only images of them are on the video from the thermal camera.

The idea that images of scary gnomes that were surrounding and possibly threatening the investigators mean scary gnomes are real is terrifying to many people. You can tap into that fear when you use scary gnome decorations to transform your yard or garden into a haunted area on Halloween. You can hide scary gnome statues and figures in shadowy places waiting to jump out at unsuspecting friends and neighbors. Or you can use animatronic gnome figures to make your family and friends think that evil gnomes are really coming after them.

There are a lot of ways that you can use people’s fear of supernatural beings like fairies and gnomes to create scary scenes that are perfect for Halloween. Just make sure that you remember to collect the figures after Halloween so that the scary gnomes aren’t scaring people away from your home during the year.


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