Scary Clowns Are Always Fun for Halloween


1smorgueclownIf you want to dress up in a costume that will scare your friends and neighbors this Halloween dress up as a Scary Clown. Scary Clowns are always great Halloween costumes because they really scare people. Clowns are supposed to remind people of happy childhood memories but there are thousands of people who are absolutely terrified of clowns. When they see clowns that are deliberately made up to be scary they are even more scared. Scary Clowns are a part of a lot of horror movies and horror novels because to adults there are not many things that are scarier than childhood items that are out to get them.

Scary Clown costumes can be a lot of fun because you can express your own creativity when you are making your clown or you can dress up as a famous Scary Clown. There’s really no wrong way to do a Scary Clown look. You can experiment with different types of clown makeup to find a look that is really scary. If you want to create your own unique clown character you can use makeup, wigs, clown suits, and other accessories to create a really frightening clown. But if you want to dress up as a famous Scary Clown there are lots of them to choose from like:

The Poltergeist Scary Clown doll – One of the most terrifying moments in the Poltergeist film is when Robbie’s clown doll turns into a Scary Clown and starts to come after him. For many adults just the idea of a childhood toy that is supposed to represent happiness coming to life and trying to kill them is enough to make them want to climb the walls in fear. The Poltergeist Scary Clown doll is a great costume that is instantly recognizable.

Captain Spaulding – If you want to dress up as a more modern Scary Clown you can dress up as the darkly evil Captain Spaulding. In Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects Captain Spaulding appears several times to menace people. Anyone who is scared of clowns will be truly terrified by the psychopathic Spaulding. If you are creating a haunted house in your home Captain Spaulding is a great costume to wear as you guide guests through the haunted house.

Pennywise – Even people that don’t suffer from a phobia about clowns are terrified of Pennywise. The horrifying Scary Clown from Stephan King’s book and miniseries It is what most people think of when they think about a Scary Clown. Pennywise costumes are built around Pennywise’s signature red wig and just the sight of that wig is enough to scare some people.

Killer Klowns – Even though the movie was modeled on campy B movies the clowns in Killer Klowns from Outer Space were deadly and very scary. With their animatronic heads and frightful appearance they inspired a lot of nightmares. If you want your Halloween costume to be over the top and scary as can be dress up as one of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space this year.


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