Dead End PressOctober 18, 2004 1st Edition




Mannheim Steamroller’s Halloween

This is a two disc set with one disc of sound effects and one of music. The sound effect CD is not bad at all. The music CD however, in my opinion, is not really Halloween material. Some of the pieces performed on this CD could have been used as Halloween music if they had been executed differently. The way the music is laid out and performed, gives it a child-like quality. Not at all what I was looking for!

Submitted by BlackRose


The Lite F/X fog Machine

Pros: cheap, reliable, good output for it’s size
Cons: Fair amount of warm-up time, short cord for remoteThe Lite F/X fog machine is the perfect choice for the home haunter with a budget.With an output of 2500 cubic ft/minute and a 700 watt heater it’s one of the smaller foggers on the market. But when it’s output is compared to it’s price, which is usually $30 or under if you shop around a bit, it’s a very good buy! One can purchase several of these smaller units and effectively fog out several areas for the same price of one large fogger which can only cover one area.They certainly can’t compare to the output of many of the larger foggers out there, but for the home haunter they can provide more than what’s needed. They can easily fill a room in seconds with out any problems.The main drawback to this fogger is the warm-up time between uses. Though it does provide a good long, strong burst of fog, it requires a good couple minutes between uses. It also must be manually operated through the use of a wired remote control. This wouldn’t be so bad if the remote’s cord was a good length longer.

For another $25 this problem can easily be fixed by purchasing a timer for it. The timer is very simple to use and allows for the adjustment of time between bursts, and length of bursts of fog.

Overall it’s a very reliable and effective fogger for the price. The addition of a timer to it makes it the perfect choice for a low budget haunter in need of a fog machine.

Submitted by BriDC1


Radio Shack Appliance Controller

This is about the best bang for the buck when it comes to prop control! This small controller can wirelessly control up to 8 appliances or lights. It does have one wire, that of which is attached to the remote itself, but aside from that, it is wire free. It’s perfect for the budgeted home haunter for controlling animatronics or lighting. But, do be sure to read all instructions and warnings before you hook up that million watt tesla coil!

For under $20 you get the controller and 2 modules (one regular, and one for dimming lights). Additional modules can be purchased for about $12.

The remote’s setup is very simple and easy to use. Its bare basics! It includes 4 on/off switches and a toggle to switch to the other 4 appliances, a dimmer switch for lights, and an all on/off switch which is perfect for sudden black outs.

Setting up the controller couldn’t be easier. First, plug the appliance/light into the module, which can handle 2 and 3 prong plugs. Then plug the module into any outlet as you would a regular plug. Then simply set a number on the module, and the corresponding numbered switch on the controller automatically can control it.

It appears to have a great range and can easily control appliances from one end of a house to the other without any problems.

This is by far the best and cheapest way of controlling props or lights in a small budget haunt!

Submitted by BriDC1


Resident Evil: Apocalypse

I must say, this sequel was just as good. Packed with action and loud noises to try to get your to jump out of your seat. The movie starts with a nice recap of the first and flows straight into the action of the second with more bighting zombies than you ever want to see.
I haven’t played all or many of the games so I don’t know how well it flows with those but the movie in itself is worth seeing, especially if you liked the first movie!Submitted by Paintsaint


Midnight Syndicate

If anyone is looking for music to set the tone of a yard haunt or a Halloween party…you might want to look into Midnight Syndicate.
Midnight Syndicate SPECIALIZES in gothic, haunting, beautiful music that is absolutely perfect for Halloween.Right now their disks SHOULD be available at Spencer’s Gifts, and any
Hot Topic store that has a music department….otherwise you can go to
Http:// and by directly from the source.
You can also listen to MP3s of their music from the site as well…..Halloween Express is also known to carry the disks too.
The D&D disk is the only one that is not Halloween related…it’s more of a supplement musically for people that like to play role playing games.I swear by them. You can’t go wrong.Submitted by thrasher125