Popular TV and Movie Halloween Costumes for 2015


tv-costumesIf you’re already thinking about next year’s Halloween costume you’re not alone. It’s recommended that you order your costume at least two months before Halloween, especially if you pick a popular TV or movie character costume. Those costumes tend to sell out faster than other costumes. Plus size costumes sell out faster than any others, so keep that in mind if you’re ordering a plus size costume.

If you haven’t picked a costume yet for Halloween 2015 here are some costumes based on TV and movie characters that are going to be trendy in 2015 to help you pick a great costume:


The Walking Dead Halloween Costumes
The Walking Dead is still the most popular TV show in history. Even though the show is currently in its fifth season the ratings continue to climb dramatically. Costumes based on fan favorites like Daryl Dixon, Michonne, Carl, Rick, Carol, Glen and Maggie will continue to be very popular in 2015. Costumes of characters who were on the show but were killed off like Andrea, The Governor, Dale, Hershel and Shane are also going to be in high demand. Beth costumes will probably be more popular than they were in previous years since she has a powerful story arc in the current season of the show. Dressing up as one of the show’s infamous walkers is always on trend if you are looking for a great costume. There are lots of great tutorials that will show you how to create great zombie makeup effects like rotting skin and exposed bones. The show has several walkers that have achieved cult status and make great Halloween costumes like the Little Girl Walker with a teddy bear, the Bicycle Girl walker, Michonne’s pet walkers, and from this season the water logged walker with the glasses, hat and pearls.


Game of Thrones Halloween Costumes
Game of Thrones costumes are going to be in high demand just like The Walking Dead costumes. Game of Thrones has ratings that aren’t too far behind The Walking Dead’s ratings. There are a lot of crossover fans who like both shows. The medieval and fantasy style costumes from Game of Thrones have a lot of appeal for Halloween costumes, especially among those planning Halloween weddings. Historical and medieval costumes are usually popular for Halloween but thanks to the massive appeal of Game of Thrones there will be a lot of people choosing to dress up like their favorite Game of Thrones characters this year. Arya Stalk is one of the most popular characters for Halloween costumes, along with Jon Snow, halloween-tvCersei Lannister, Melisandre, Jaimie Lannister, and Tyrion Lannister.


Superhero Costumes
Superhero films are set to dominate the box office in 2015 so superhero costumes will continue to be extremely popular for kids and adult sin 2015. In addition to favorites like Iron Man, Loki and Thor fans of superhero movies will be able to dress up like some of their favorite characters from films like The Avengers, Star Wars Episode XVII, Ant Man, and Fantastic Four. There is a lot of crossover when it comes to superheroes appearing in each other’s films so really no superhero is off the table when it comes to popular superhero costumes. Superheroes are universally popular at Halloween.


Horror TV Shows
There has been a resurgence in horror theme TV shows over the last few years, and characters from those shows continue to be the inspirations for some amazing Halloween costumes. Even though True Blood is finished there are always a lot of fans dressing up as their favorite True Blood characters. This year the hottest costumes in the horror genre will come from American Horror Story: Freakshow. The conjoined twins Dot and Bette will be a fun Halloween costume. You can bet there will be a lot of people dressing up as the terrifying Twisty the Clown and the manipulative head of the sideshow Elsa Mars as well. Costumes based on previous seasons of American Horror Story should remain popular too. Bates Motel should inspire many Norma and Norman costumes, but the new addition to horror costumes this year will be Twin Peaks costumes. Twin Peaks, the cult classic from the 80s, will be returning to TV in 2015.


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