Popular Halloween Window & Wall Cling Decorations


Along with glowing jack-o-lanterns, dusty cobwebs and chilling music, window and wall cling decorations have become quite popular for dressing up your house on Halloween.  Some are cute with cartoon-like depictions; others are chilling with scary skulls.  No matter what your Halloween theme is, a perfect window and wall cling is looming to add to your haunted motif.

The Glass Graber Creatures are sure to get a scream from any guest.  Great for decorating the bathroom mirror for a frightening surprise; especially, when your friends go to check their makeup.  Imagine their horror when they meet dark hollow eyes and a wicked grin looking back at them.  They are non-adhesive, and can be used again and again.

Speaking of the bathroom, why not purchase the Bloody Shower Curtain00794453.interactive.a to go with the icy motif?  Remind your guests of the ever popular Alfred Hitchcock scene with this bloody mess.  It is a white vinyl shower curtain with blood-stained hand prints.

You are sure to get a scare from scenes of old with the changing portrait collection.  Haunted Memories depict stoic and reserved photos of people like Spooking Uncle Bernie Changing Portrait. A common old time Victorian photo, sepia with Uncle Bernie in his best threads; however, walk past it, and he becomes a charred and burning skeleton.  Hologram technology is great!  Another favorite in the Haunted Memories collection is Spooky Little Ruthie.  She is a cute little girl with round cheeks and ringlets, but walk past the little darling, and experience her possessed gaze.  It is a sure way to send chills up your spine!

Spooky fun for your front windows clings like the Werewolf Window Poster, Grim Reaper Double Window Poster and Fenny the Witch Window Poster, are spooky welcomes for all of your guests and trick-or-treaters.  You can trim them to fit your windows, and use a common lamp behind the poster to make them come to life with an eerie and haunting glow.

Dress up your door with gory details with the Bloody Hands Keep Out Door Frame Fabric. The Maniac Door Gore Decoration is another scary way to welcome your guests.  A manic mummy is depicted with outreached bandaged hands, just waiting to invite all of his victims inside.

Set the scene with 80’s classics with Jason Voorhees with the 2 pack Jason Wall Scene Setter to take your guests back to swampy Camp Crystal Lake.  It is perfect for any wall in your home.  Also an 80’s classic, to haunt your dreams, is the Freddy Mirror Decal. Right out of the boiler room, the charred horror will be waiting to frighten anyone who enters your home.  Really, how can we forget these 80’s classics?  You will be shaking  in your leggings and shoulder-pads.

What ever style you wish to possess, chilling options are out there to decorate your home.  From gory to creepy, this Halloween will be perfect with window and wall clings!

Window & Wall Cling Halloween Decorations



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