Plus Size Costume Shopping Tips


Plus size costumes can be tough to find, but that’s not because companies aren’t making them. That’s because they are selling out faster and faster each year. Plus size women should be shopping for costumes by early summer to get the best selection. Finding a plus size Halloween costume that you love doesn’t have to be a chore. Halloween is a fun time to indulge in a little fantasy so whether you want to be a glamorous diva or a sexy siren or a scary zombie there are costumes to choose from that will help you create that fantasy. Women of all sizes can have trouble shopping for costumes because companies size their costumes so differently. Women who normally wear a standard size might find pluscostumesthat they need a plus size costume in order for a costume to fit comfortably.

If you are searching for an affordable plus size costume this year here are some tips that will help you find the right costume for you:

Shop by measurements not by sizes – All costumes are sized differently according to the guidelines of the manufacturer. Some costumes are sized based on the standard Misses sizes of clothing. Others are based on Juniors or Girls sizing. Plus size costumes can be based on standard plus sizes or on Misses sizing. It can be very confusing and annoying to constantly try to compare sizes. The best way to be sure that a costume will fit you is to order based on your measurements. Take your chest, waist and hip measurements. Then measure from your shoulder to the floor if you are going to wear a costume that has a long dress or skirt. Use those measurements as a guide to finding the right size. The size charts for the costume manufacturers will list the measurements of each size in their product range. You can use those size charts to figure out what size costume to order. Don’t feel bad if you have to order a larger size than you normally wear because costume sizing is very different from traditional clothing sizes.

Shop early – Studies say that over half of all Americans are overweight. If you are one of them and you want to buy a plus size Halloween costume you need to shop as early as possible. Often women complain that companies don’t make plus size costumes when in reality the companies do make plenty of plus size costumes but those costumes sell out quickly. Usually by September plus size costumes sell out. If you wait until early October to get your costume you may find there are none left in any bigger sizes by that time. Some people start shopping as early as March or April of the previous year to find the best plus size costume selection. If you want a popular plus size costume you should be shopping no later than July or early August. If you wait you will probably not be able to find the costume you want in the size you need.


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