Pharrell Williams’ Hat for Halloween


pharrellPharrell Williams is an American celebrity most known for his singing and songwriting abilities, although he has also ventured in rapping, record producing, and even fashion designing.

Born in 1973, Pharrell Williams began his musical career in high school, where he played for the school marching band and attended a number of musical summer camps. Late on in his high school career, Williams formed an R & B group with three of his friends and they were soon discovered by a local producer.

Eventually, Williams began to work with this producer on projects for other music acts and even lent his voice in song cameos and rap solos. Over the next several years, he continued to help produce other artists, including Blackstreet, Britney Spears, Nelly, and more. Then, in the mid 2000’s, Williams embarked on his solo career, releasing his first album (In My Mind) in 2005.

Since then, Williams has continued to produce other artists, compose soundtracks for movies (ex. Despicable Me), and put out a second album (Girl).

Halloween costumes are usually a hot debate from year to year. Cartoon characters, superheros, occupations, and more are all potential options every October. People also seem to get a kick out of dressing up as celebrities. Well this year, another option has been put on the table. Pharrell Williams and his signature look have gained a lot of fame since the Grammy Awards in January.

Very often does it happen that a single piece of a celebrity’s look becomes a hot topic in pop culture news. Williams’ hat is no different. In January, he wore a hat that most have come to call a “Mountain Hat”. He has more than one, each of them being a different color, although the one that was worn at the Grammy’s was a dark brown color.

For those who have not seen it, the hat has the look of a Fedora, although it is slightly taller. It has a brim the entire way around the hat, with a slight crease in the front. The style also has an interesting history behind it.

The Mountain Hat, also known as the Buffalo Hat, was actually designed by the famous Vivienne Westwood in the early 1980’s. At the time, Westwood was working with the manager of the Sex Pistols. The hat was created as part of a collection called “Nostalgia of Mud”, which was inspired by dark, earth tone colors and Peruvian women.

Until the late 1980’s, the hat was always known just as the Mountain Hat. However, it was then worn in Neneh Cherry’s music video for the hit song “Buffalo Stance”. Fans attributed the look to the since and the hat became known as the Buffalo Hat, as well as the Mountain Hat. Unfortunately for the fashion world, the look only stuck around for a few years before going on a steady decline in popularity. Although, Pharrell Williams managed to rescue the look and now it is more popular than ever. He also wore the Mountain Hat in his music video for “Happy”, which is not only popular on its own, but is also connected to the hit movie series, Despicable Me, which also can not go without being recognized by adoring fans these days.

The hat is usually made of felt and comes in numerous different colors, including camel, black, navy, green, bordeaux, red, fuchsia pink, and more. For those who are considering Pharrell Williams and this signature piece as a Halloween costume, he has been seen in camel (brown), black, and red.

These hats usually rank high in price, roughly around $180. In fact, Pharrell Williams put his Grammy hat on auction and sold it for over $44,000 to none other than the fast food chain, Arby’s. The fact that a national chain would go through so much trouble to purchase this hat, and that this become a national news story, just goes to show the increasing popularity of the look. By the time Halloween hits, it would be impossible not to recognize the hat. Again, while they can be a bit of an expensive investment, they are worth it if trying to impress this October.




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