Pet Costumes


dog-ghostbusterHalloween is a holiday for the entire family. The kids will enjoy trick or treating, the parents will enjoy a party where they can invite the entire family and even the pets can be in the spirit of the holiday. If you want your pet to be part of this huge celebration of spookiness, then you may want to consider dressing him (or her) up for Halloween as well. If you want to find out about the best ideas regarding this, make sure you read on.

  • Many pet owners out there want to dress up their pet for Halloween, but they are afraid of the fact that it will not be safe for animal. However, specialists agree on the fact that there shouldn’t be any issue with doing this as long as the pet is comfortable (after all, dressing your pet – for the winter, for example – is perfectly OK as well).
  • It is extremely important that you find the perfect fit for your little pup or kitten. You will want to make sure that you purchase the costume well in advance and that you don’t make the mistake of not trying it on. Bring the costume home and put it on your fluffy friend. If you see it doesn’t fit, then don’t force it again on him. Go back to the store and have it replaced or returned and bring home another costume that will fit your pet very well.
  • Also, it is important that you don’t constrict your pet’s movement. Your dog or your cat really wants to move and by making him wear a costume that doesn’t allow this, you will only make him terribly unhappy (and even potentially aggressive after having worn that suit for hours in a row).
  • Your dog’s ears, eyes and mouth shouldn’t be covered in any way. Again, this will make him unhappy and as a good pet parent you don’t want this. For instance, if you want to dress your dog up as a gangster, the costume will work very well without the hat too, so you can lose that for the sake of your pet’s happiness and comfort.
    Also, you will want to make sure that the costume doesn’t contain any small pieces that can be easily torn apart from the fabric. Buttons and little applied thing may look cute, but they do pose a real danger for your fluffy friend, as he could grab them and choke with them. Simple is better – and believe it, there are plenty of costumes that don’t have to have anything dangerous for your beloved four-legged friend.
  • Get your pup or your kitten acquainted with the costume well ahead of time. Once you have found the right costume, put it on and allow your dog or cat to move around in it for a bit. Increase the amount of time he will spend in the costume every day, until you reach the final Halloween day. This way, your pup or kitten will not feel uncomfortable when you show him off in his cute costume precisely because he will have gotten used to it by then.
  • Also, always remember that even if he is dressed up, your bundle of furry joy will need an identification tag underneath his costume. In case he gets lost in the craze of the Halloween celebrations, you will be able to find him easier, as he will have his name and address with him no matter what happens.
  • There are plenty of places from which you can purchase costumes for pets. Super Man costumes, pumpkin costumes, fairy costumes, simple clothing with skeletons and other Halloween motifs on it – you name it and you will most likely find it as well. Don’t try to make the clothes at home unless you know for sure that they will turn out comfortable and safe for your pet because otherwise you risk his health and “sanity”.
  • Last, but not least, accept the fact that this may just not be possible. There are dogs and cats out there with such a strong personality that they will not accept being dressed up. If you see he is just not comfortable with his costume no matter what you try, then leave him without it because he will be much happier this way.


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