Ninja Costumes


ninjaOne of the most beloved Halloween costumes is the ninja costume. Ninja costumes are fun for adults and for kids. You get to wear all black and slink around through the neighborhood looking for people to save. It’s exhilarating. But there’s more to a great ninja costume than just wearing black pajamas. Ninja costumes can be inspired by traditional Japanese ninjas or they can be inspired by the ninjas in TV shows, movies, and graphic novels. Some of them wear elaborate armor as well as the traditional black clothing. Some ninjas carry swords while others carry bos or other weapons. The first step in creating a ninja costume for Halloween is deciding what type of ninja you want to be. Once you have that narrowed down there are some things that you are going to need, no matter what type of ninja you want to be for Halloween. Every ninja needs to have:

A mask: Ninja masks are usually full face hoods that fit snugly over the face leaving only the eyes exposed. The hood fits over the hair and over the lower portion of the face, although there is usually a panel of breathable material over the nose and mouth area so that the person wearing the hood can still breathe properly. You can wear a helmet or armor over the hood, but the hood should always stay on to protect your identity. You can’t be a ninja if everyone can see your face and knows exactly you are. Ninjas are like superheroes and they need to stay anonymous.

Black loose-fitting clothing: Ninjas are known for their speed, flexibility and dexterity. It can be hard to be all of those things when you’re wearing black jeans, which are pretty stiff and unwieldy. You should wear black leggings or a black body suit with looser, light black pants over them. You can wear pajama pants over leggings if you make sure that the pajama pants are not flared or too open at the bottom. You may want to pin them shut at the bottom so that they fit inside your boots. Tops should be made of light material and they should be high necked so that the neck fits securely under your hood. Over the top should go a black kimono top and a wide belt. That is a traditional ninja look.

If you want to spice up your ninja costume add a pop of color by using a red or purple belt. Or add colored piping along your ninja outfit. Black second skin suits are fantastic to wear under ninja costumes. They will keep you warm and allow you to move freely. If you want to create a sexy ninja costume skip the leggings and turtleneck and just wear black tights with a sexy black kimono.

Black boots: Good footwear is essential for ninjas who need to move quickly and quietly through many different types of situations. Look for black ankle or calf high boots that lace up andninja-costume have a good flat sole. Make sure that you can walk, run, and sneak quietly in your boots. High heeled boots are an option if you want to create a sexy ninja costumes instead of a traditional ninja costume.

Accessories: The most important part of being a ninja is to be totally covered. So you will need gloves, socks, and maybe even a scarf attached to your hood. If you want to personalize the accessories that you are going to wear you can embroider them, add patches, pins or other items that will give you the chance to make them your own personal style. You can also personalize the sash of the kimono or your hood. Eyeliner and dark makeup also is a good thing to wear. A fabulous way to change the look up is to wear Halloween contact lenses. You can have glowing red eyes, zombie eyes, or white milky eyes and scare everyone with your ninja costume.

If you are going out Trick or Treating in a ninja costume just be sure that you have applied reflective tape to the costume or have done something to make yourself more visible. It’s not safe to be out at night wearing all black so that drivers can’t see you.


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