Netflix for Halloween and Horror


netflixHorror fans are missing out if they are not using Netflix. There are a lot of streaming services on the market now but for Horror fans this is the best one. Each streaming service offers users different types of content and not all of them have a great selection of Horror movies and shows.  This well-known streaming service is the best streaming service for horror fans because it has the best selection of horror films and TV shows. From classic horror TV films to obscure B movies you can find thousands of horror films, including many that you have probably not seen before. The service also gives horror fans the chance to entire episodes of horror shows like American Horror Story and Dexter. For less than 10$ a month horror fans can get caught up on all their favorite horror shows and watch dozens of new horror films before they hit the On Demand services offered by most cable companies.

Streaming services like Netflix can be a great value for consumers, but only if the service offers the kind of content that you want to see. Despite the popularity of many horror films the horror genre is still considered to be a niche genre. Other streaming services have limited content in the horror genre to offer fans, if they have any at all. Horror fans really get their money’s worth when they use this service though. Science Fiction and Fantasy films and shows are also well-represented. There is a lot of crossover between Horror and Science Fiction and horror fans will not be disappointed with the movies and TV shows that the service offers that span both genres. Horror fans will also appreciate the wide range of true crime series and shows that are available on the service. For the low monthly subscription cost there are thousands of hours of Horror films and TV shows that fans can watch.

One benefit of watching streamed content is that you have access to unedited content and content that has special features. You can choose to get DVDs from the service or just watch streaming content. Either way you will get access to content that has special features, commentaries, and unedited versions. If you hate watching Horror films that have been sanitized and edited to please a bunch of studio censors and network executives then make the switch to streaming content. You will be able to see the films and shows that you want to see as the creators wanted you to see them. Unedited, unpolished and gritty. For Horror fans there’s no better way to watch scary or horrifying shows and movies.

Another benefit of using a streaming service like this one is that users can access the movies and TV shows that they want to see from anywhere. With apps that can be used on smartphones and tablets it doesn’t matter where you are the best Horror content is just a click away. If you’re stuck on a train, sitting in an airport, or waiting for an appointment you can watch a movie or a TV show to pass the time. You can also watch Horror movies and shows in bed so that you don’t have to risk running down the hall to get to bed after watching a scary movie or show. Just make sure that you use headphones if your bedmate isn’t a horror fan. Sometimes hearing bloodcurdling screams in the middle of the night can cause non-Horror fans to have nightmares or to object to you watching Horror movies in bed.

Netflix has come under fire by some critics for continually downgrading the selection of the content available. While it’s true that the service has lost some mainstream content because of communications breakdowns and the failure of the executives to reach licensing agreements with some of the major studios and TV stations there is still a lot of great content. Horror fans will find a better selection of movies and shows on this service than on any other service and the Horror content is increasing every day. Whether you want to watch an obscure horror film from twenty years ago or the last season of American Horror Story you will be able to find it on this service.

Horror fans might even find that they end up cancelling their cable TV and depending on the streaming service to watch great content. As long as you have Internet you can watch movies and shows from the service on your computer, smartphone, tablet or TV. You can hook your laptop to a TV with an HDMI cable to watch streaming content or you can use a streaming device. Google Chromecast is just $35 and has streaming capability built in. You can watch entire seasons of your favorite Horror shows or a marathon of your favorite movies on your TV using your smartphone as a remote control. You will get the content that you want to watch and you can watch it when you want for cheaper than the cost of cable TV. Horror fans who have ditched cable for streaming shows and movies are generally pretty happy they made the switch.

This company is famous for offering a 30 day free trial for new users. If you have never tried streaming content this is a great way for you to explore the huge selection of Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy movies and shows that the service offers without a huge financial commitment. If you are like most Horror fans you will quickly see that the low cost of a monthly subscription is well worth it. For less than the price of one ticket to a new Horror film in the theater you can gorge on hours and hours of the best and worst Horror films and shows. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a new Horror blockbuster full of special effects or a classic B Horror film filled with terrible special effect you can find it on Netflix.


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