More Creative Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe on Halloween


hsafetyBy now you probably already know the basics when it comes to keeping your kids safe when they are out Trick or Treating. Things like making sure they can be seen by passing motorists and never go anywhere without a buddy or an adult are safety precautions that most parents know. But there are more things you can do to make sure that your kids are safe on Halloween night and have a great time out Trick or Treating. These tips come directly from parents like you and will help you ensure that everyone in the family has a safe and spooky Halloween this year:

Walk a Trick or Treat Route in Advance – If you are taking the kids Trick or Treating in the neighborhood first go online and search the local sex offender registry for your neighborhood. Then create a map for your kids showing the houses in the neighborhood but leave off the homes of any sex offenders who come up in the search. You can make it a game to make the map by letting your kids help draw the map and putting in landmarks they know like a particular fence or a certain tree. Once you have the map done take them for a walk around the neighborhood a few days before Halloween in the daylight and show them how to follow the map. Make the map like a treasure map and decorate it to make it something the kids will be interested in. That way if the kids get separated from you, or if they are going out Trick or Treating alone, they will not go to the homes of any sex offenders.

Get Together with Your Neighbors to Create “Safe” Houses – if your neighborhood is large or is very spread out call a neighborhood meeting before Halloween and ask neighbors who have homes in the middle of the neighborhood and at either end to volunteer their homes as “Safe” houses. Have them put up a sign on their door or lawn that says “SAFE HOUSE” on Halloween night and then let your kids know if they get lost, or if they feel unsafe, or if they get hurt or sick they can go to any of these houses and those neighbor will immediately call you. Getting the community involved in Trick or Treating will make sure that everyone stays safe and has a great time.

Take a First Aid Back Pack With You – When you and your kids are out Trick or Treating or if you’re going to set up tables where Trick or Treaters can come to get candy it’s important to be prepared for any situation. Smart things to keep with you while you’re on the Trick or Treat trail include things like: baby wipes to remove makeup fast or to wipe off dirt, water, band aids, Ace wraps, ice packs, gauze, antibiotic cream, an Epi-pen, alcohol swabs, cotton swabs, and an extra set of car keys in case you need to rush to the hospital.


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