Michael Jackson – Iconic Halloween costume


Michael Jackson’s remarkable music, striking image, checkered life, and tragic death all mark him as one of the most famous of America’s popular music stars. The colorful star flashed across the music scene with both Michael Jackson costumemeteoric brilliance and a generous helping of controversy and scandal, and his distinctive songs and appearance seize the imagination of people across the world. A skilled singer and songwriter, he could handle pop, rock, soul, R&B, and other genres with consummate ease and flair. Not only Michael Jackson’s physical appearance but his costumes changed vividly over time, from album to album.

With such an iconic personality and a mix of distinctive appearances, it’s no wonder that Michael Jackson is a popular choice for Halloween costumes. Costumes based on him were at the top of the lists in 2009, and all indications are that he’ll be a Halloween hit again in 2010. If you’re a fan of the King of Pop, you have many unique looks to choose from as you pick out a costume that will dazzle your friends and be the hit of the party.

Michael JacksonYou can choose to go for Michael Jackson’s early look, when he wore shirts with fringes and bell-bottom trousers in a fashion statement that was all his own. You can top this off with a Michael Jackson mask, or you can try for his early look, before the famous changes to his appearance, by wearing an appropriate wig.

Alternately, you can opt for the “Billie Jean” appearance — from the period when Michael’s vibrant, idiosyncratic fashion sense truly took off. This costume dates from the time when Michael Jackson’s sixth album, Thriller, was released. The singer explored a whole array of different styles in this album, from funk to rock to R&B, including the famous song for which the appearance is named. If you want to make a hit, this costume is probably the most iconic of many iconic appearances — the album is the best-selling recording in all of history. Black jackets rippling with sequins, black fedoras, sequined white gloves, and plenty of other snappy Michael Jackson accessories make this an excellent choice for a stylish Halloween statement.

If you’re looking for brilliant color rather than black and white style, then a Thriller costume is probably the way to go. In the Thriller video, Michael Jackson appears in a shimmering red jacket and pants, with black details and black shoes, as well as his signature single white glove.  With striking sound effects, menacing lyrics, and the mesmeric effect of Jackson’s costume, Thriller is one of the star’s most memorable performances. Dressing up in this outfit is a good way to have a memorable Halloween experience as well.

The Bad look gives you yet another option for your Michael Jackson costume. Another look drawn from the Thriller album, Bad is a mostly black look with a streak of vivid red on the pant-legs and a studded belt for contrast.

Put on a Michael Jackson wig, and you’ll be ready to give your own Halloween tribute to one of popular music’s most admired artists and flamboyant performers.


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