Medusa will no doubt be popular for Halloween this year because of Percy Jackson and other movies.  If you have ever wondered what to wear for Medusa CostumeHalloween, worry no more: mythical gods are practically begging to be evoked for Halloween.  They beat hands down bunnies, maids, dark queens, Dark Vader, or dark man eaters.  For one, there is the undeniable powerful story that goes with each figure, their symbolism, their archetypal eponymous significance.  We are really surrounded by references to mythology – Achilles heal, Odyssey, Oedipus, Trojans… oh well, forget that last one.  To appear as one of those characters is to tap the collective unconscious, to refer to the vast treasure chest that is our cultural heritage, and to be recognized by others.  Another reason why dressing up as a mythical god is virtually guaranteed successful and will land you – in case of a costume competition – an undeniable edge, is the sheer simplicity with which you can arrive at this perfect image you are trying to create.  The ease of the disguise just can’t be beaten. To appear with a head dress that consists of a multitude of protruding snake heads will hardly require a label, no matter the rest of the costume. Medusa you are for the remainder of the evening.  Unless, or course, you lose your head… The fact is, thanks to the Greek fashion of the time, long and flowing are the key words to their garments.  Draping is another good description.  You could, Scarlett O’Hara fashion, take a pair of old drapes and, well, drape them just so, and you would be half way there to your dream Halloween costume impersonating just about any Greek or Roman goddess.  (Or god, for that matter, although in the case of gods, muscular thighs and calves would help a lot since the gods liked to show off their legs, in particular.)

To be concrete about it, you should begin dressing up with your head dress first so that you can match the rest of your outfit which is, after all, secondary to your head.  Purchase rubber snakes at a party store and attach them to a wig, or even your own hair.  For once it is better not to be a blonde – Medusa has always been depicted as dark-haired.  You can also spray-paint your own hair if you don’t mind the mess, in which case a gory green would be nice, or an otherworldly dark blue.  The snakes can be fastened to your hair with ponies.  You do not need a lot of snakes on your head to make your point (they can quickly add up in terms of weight to make wearing them quite uncomfortable).

Once you have established your color palette (you may spray paint the snakes too if you feel like it) you can then move on to the dress.  It should be long and gathered somewhere, in a draping fashion.  Simple is better than intricate in this case – you will want the lines to be flowing.  For inspiration, you could look to the lady with the torch – the Columbia Pictures logo.  Imagine how cool she would be with a head full of snakes!


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