Last Minute Halloween Costume


costume-ideasIf you find yourself scrambling at the last minute to come up with a Halloween costume don’t panic. There are plenty of great costumes that are the result of a last minute desperate DIY session. The key to coming up with a great last minute Halloween costume is to make it look like you had planned that costume all along. In order to make the most of the limited time you do have it’s important to take stock of your resources and know exactly what you have to work with because you probably won’t have time to do a lot of shopping or a lot of ordering online. Here are some tips to help you assemble a great last minute Halloween costume for your or your kids:

You Can Use What You Have in The House

You probably have a huge treasure trove of materials already in your house without realizing it. The eye shadow drawer full of colors that you would never wear is now the perfect place to find a palette that will turn you or your kids into a fantasy character. Have some old white sheets and pillowcases? You can make a dozen costumes from that. You can use one of the pillowcases to make a new sew pillowcase dress. Pin or quickly sew some large black circles on it. Pair that with black stockings and shoes and you can do as a die, or enlist a friend and go as a pair of dice.

To make a no-sew pillowcase dress cut open the sewn end of the pillowcase. Fold over about an inch of fabric on either side on the cut end, with the ragged edges tucked under. Use hem tape or double sided tape to keep the edges down. Run a ribbon through the pocket created by turning the edges under. Wear the pillowcase as a halter dress with the ribbons tied around your neck to keep the dress up. You can also create a Lego dress using this technique.

You can also use old clothes, old pillows, blankets, tablecloths and craft supplies that you already have. Dig through the garage, the attic, and anyplace else you can think of to find items that you can use. Don’t ignore the kitchen either. You can use food coloring as a great last minute dye for wool yarn or wool fibers.

Hit the Thrift Store or Charity Shop

If you can’t find anything that you are willing to destroy in your own home run to the nearest charity shop or thrift shop. You can find prom dresses, wedding dresses, jewelry, shoes and other items that you won’t mind destroying for very cheap. If you are really pressed for time bring a friend with you to help you sort through all the different items at the shop. A tacky prom dress could be turned into a “Winner of an Ugly Pageant” costume. A vintage wedding dress can be turned into a quick “Zombie Bride” costume. Or you can add glow in the dark tape from the hardware store to a little girls dress that is too small for you, tie ripped up stuffed animals around your legs and go as a 90’s Raver.  The thrift shop is a great place to find inspiration as well as cheap materials that you can use and destroy without feeling guilty about spending money.

Throw Together a Quick Costume Swap Party

You are most likely not the only one that waited until the last minute to put together a costume. So invite some friends over or get on FB or Twitter and find friends who need to put together costumes too. Have everyone bring at least 5 items that can be used for costumes. Together you can brainstorm ideas, trade materials, and help each other create costumes. A costume swap is also a great way to get rid of makeup, craft supplies, and other items that you really don’t need anymore. It will also give you a few extra pairs of hands to help with any last minute construction that has to be done or with makeup application.

If possible always shop for a Halloween costume early for the best selection.


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