Kids Halloween Costume Tips for Parents


elsa from frozenKids can upset over the weirdest things. When it comes to Halloween costumes they can change their minds in an instant about what costume they want to wear.  Even if you buy them the Halloween costume they have been asking for once it arrives and they put it on they can have meltdowns over tiny details that you will need to fix in order for them to be happy with the costume. It can be hard to try and guess what is going to cause your child to suddenly not like a costume but there are things you can do to minimize the drama. Here are some of the most common reasons why kids suddenly hate their expensive costumes, and how you can fix those problems and get them to love their Halloween costume again so that everyone can enjoy Halloween:

Everyone is Wearing This Costume

This often happens when your child wants to dress up as the most popular character from a popular children’s movie or TV show. Like Elsa from Frozen, or Cinderella. When they asked for an Elsa Halloween costume you probably saw the drama coming a mile away but had to give in and get the costume. Now your child doesn’t want to wear it because all her friends are also dressing up as Elsa. It’s too late to get another costume and your child is on the edge of a tantrum. What can you do?

To fix this problem break out your Halloween accessory kit. You can use the dress from the costume to make another dress. Add leggings and cut the dress so it’s a top. Change the wig so it’s a different color. Add a pair of wings and some sparkly makeup so your child can be a fairy or a butterfly instead. Work with the costume pieces that you have and your accessory kit to make a few minor alternations. Then your costume problem will be solved and Halloween will be saved.

The Costume Doesn’t Fit or is Uncomfortable

spidermanThis also is a very common problem. Halloween costumes are usually ordered several months in advance, and kids can grow adventure timevery quickly. If the costume that you bought doesn’t fit or is uncomfortable but you don’t have the time or money to buy another costume don’t despair. Get creative with your needle and thread and ransack drawers and closets for other items you can use to fix the costume. If the costume is suddenly too short due to a growth spurt add some leggings. If it’s too tight you can make it bigger by adding some quick panels in the back. You don’t even need to sew the panels. They can be glued together or you can use no sew hem tape to tape them together. Safety pins and dressmaker tape can work wonders. As a general rule of thumb it’s a good idea to order a child’s Halloween costume one size larger than they usually wear to accommodate growth. Hemming a costume that is too long is easier than making it longer, so order a size up just in case.

Your Child Damages or Stains the Costume

Stains happen. Especially around kids. Your child could be just trying on the costume and could get some permanent marker or other deep set stain on it. Or they could tear it or damage it. Most costume pieces are not sturdy enough to hold up in a washing machine but you can hand wash them with shampoo in a sink. Use baby shampoo and gently wash the costume in the sink and hang it up to dry. To clean off delicate costume pieces like masks or wings use a baby wipe moistened with just a little bit of water. To clean wigs use a pet wipe. Small rips and tears can be repaired with double sided hem tape or dressmaker tape so that you don’t even need to sew them. If the edges of the fabric start to fray from a run or rip use a quick coat of clear nail polish to seal those stray edges so they don’t pull. Some quick repairs can save that costume and save Halloween.