The Karate Kid – Taking Things to a Higher Level


If we loved Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso and Pat Morita as Kesuke Miyagi in the movie “The Karate Kid,” then we will definitely adore Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan in their 2010 remake of the classic film. Jaden Smith plays Dre Parker while Jackie Chan plays as his mentor, Mr. Han.

The new movie still revolves around the original movie’s central theme, but things are taken a notch higher to create more excitement for karate and kung fu fans everywhere. Dre Parker (Jaden Smith), a 12-year old kid, needed to go to Beijing because of his mother’s work. He is very hesitant to move to a different country. However, he is left with no choice since he had to be with his mother. Upon arriving in Beijing, his new classmate Mei Ying catches his attention. This also catches the eye of their class bully, Cheng. He then becomes a victim of Cheng’s violence and misuse of the techniques of kung fu. Just when things feel hopeless for him, Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) comes to the rescue to teach him the secrets of kung fu and to help him face his fears and be victorious.

Jaden Smith, Wil Smith’s son, fits the Dre Parker role perfectly. At first glance, you would think that he would not be able to defend himself. Jackie Chan is also the perfect actor for Mr. Han. Fans everywhere will be delighted to see their Karate idol on the big screen once again.

With almost all the scenes shot in China, viewers can get a more authentic view of the Oriental side and will be captivated by the lovely and rich Asian culture that has brought about martial arts and kung fu. It is also an effective means to show the cultural differences between Americans and Asians, and how these differences and barriers are transcended because of love.

The Karate Kid remake is also a good movie to watch if you are a fan of kung fu and the martial arts. Through an entertaining and artistic presentation, kung fu fans can have a preview of the basics and the rigid discipline that the art of kung fu requires. The movie also showcases several fight scenes that would fascinate everyone and will give us an insight of what kung fu is really all about.

In addition, the 2010 remake still revolves around the main theme of not giving up even when you feel you are helpless and everything is not going your way. The movie teaches us that if we do not lose hope, there will come a time that we will eventually succeed in what we want and aim to do.

The movie also teaches us that winning is not only about mastering the skills and techniques we need to learn about a specific art or craft. It is also about discipline, perseverance, focus, and patience. In kung fu or in anything else we try to do, these virtues are very important and play a very crucial role in determining our success or failure. The Karate Kid 2010 remake is the perfect movie to watch if we want to have fun and learn some important lessons in life at the same time.


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