Jumping Halloween props


jumping-girlHalloween may not be everyone’s favorite celebration, but those who love this holiday know just how important it feels to actually decorate your home for Halloween and to find the perfect costume out there so that you gain everyone’s attention and praise. The same way as Christmas lovers like decorating their trees to perfection, Halloween fanatics love to know that their house is just the creepiest one on the street and that all their guests will be more than just impressed with the effort they have put into making the most out of their house.

It is actually much less difficult to pull off a horror house if you actually pay attention to details and if you invest in some very good jumping-spiderprops. With a bit of planning ahead, you can host a Halloween party nobody will ever be able to forget. Read on and find out some ideas about home decoration that will blow your guests’ mind.

Jumping Halloween Props

These are the new “it” thing to have around the house on Halloween and there are many, many reasons for which they will make for the best creepy props you have ever owned for this holiday. Here are some of the reasons why you (and, eventually, your guests as well) will love them:

  1. They are fun. OK, they may not be as fun as, let’s say, a trip to Disneyland, but they are Halloween fun, which means that they will fit perfectly into the background.
  2. They are very realistic. If you were to shoot a movie with these, it would come out quite realistic. If you invest in quality props, they will not look cheap and fake, which is actually one of the main things you want to stay away when it comes to props of all sorts.
  3. They seem alive. The fact that they are actually jumping will add even more creepiness to them ,which is precisely what you are searching for if you want to decorate a house in a truly horror way.
  4. They can make for great prank props. If you want to pull a prank on your friends and to get them scared as soon as they enter your home, then these will definitely make for a great investment.
  5. They come in wide varieties. From scary rats to scary spiders, you can actually choose from a wide range of options. And they will all be equally scary!
  6. They are not very expensive. Considering the fact that they are a long-term investment (you will be able to use them for the following Halloweens as well, as they will definitely not come out of fashion) and the fact that they are awesome, you can actually say that they are not very expensive.

jumping-dogWhere to Put Your Jumping Halloween Props?

There are a lot of ways in which you can use your jumping Halloween props. In the end, it all depends on how you want to decorate your house and on your creativity, but if you are looking for some really cool ideas, here are some very popular ones:

  1. If you choose a tabletop or small-sized jumping prop, you can place it right in the middle of the table or on something similar. However, make sure that you will not scare the guests this way because you will not want them to waste their food and drinks away!
  2. At the entrance of the house. You can hide your jumping prop somewhere near the entrance so that it provides a “creepy and warm” welcome worthy of the Addams Family.
  3. In between other props. If you want to exercise your creativity, you can find your jumping prop a spot in between other props. For instance, a jumping spider will look great near a zombie or a vampire.

Also, when decorating your home for Halloween (with or without the jumping props, as you wish), make sure that you actually use your imagination. The possibilities are limitless, especially considering the fact that there are so many places online from which you can order very nice (creepy-nice, of course) props to make your home a truly “horrifying” one for the 2014 Halloween.


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