How to Throw a St. Patrick’s Day Costume Party


St. Patrick’s DaySt. Patrick’s Day is almost here! Are you ready to have an amazing party celebrating all things Irish? There’s nothing like a fun costume party to turn everyone Irish for just one day. When the parades and parties have died down you can keep the party going with a private house party. Costumes like green party suits or party suits with leprechauns on them are fun choices for wearing to a party or to a parade. You might want to wear a fancy Irish costume as the host of the party, and some of  your guests might want to as well.  But costumes for St. Patrick’s Day don’t have to be fancy. Green hats, goggles, tee shirts and other items are easy and party friendly choices to wear if you don’t want to wear an elaborate costume.  If you are throwing the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day costume party here are some of the things that you will need to make the party a legendary one:


Irish Party Favors and Costume Elements
Green Mardi Gras beads, Kiss Me I’m Irish buttons, green hats, green wigs, green lipstick and makeup and other green costume items are a must have for any St. Patty’s party. You can count on some people forgetting to wear green or not showing up in the proper party mood and you should have some fun costume pieces they can wear to keep the mood festive and help them enjoy the party more. The leftovers will make the perfect party favors that people can take home with them to remember the party. If you are having kids at the party some coloring books of traditional Celtic knotwork and artwork along with crayons and markers will give the kids some fun activities to work on while the adults are busy drinking and talking.


A Fully Stocked Bar
No party celebrating this holiday would be complete without a fully stocked bar and a lot of good Irish beer. Lay in plenty of Irish whiskey, good Irish stout beer, and some Irish liqueur. You can make some fun signature cocktails for those who prefer hard alcohol but most of your guests will probably be enjoying the Irish beer the most. Keep the alcohol flowing, just remember to take everyone’s keys and have a cab company on standby to ferry guests home after they have spent some time enjoying the bar. Green plastic cups will make your cleanup a lot easier and no one will really notice if you don’t serve cocktails in fancy cocktail glasses.


Hearty Irish Food
Nothing goes better with all that alcohol than some classic Irish peasant food. Corned beef and cabbage should be center stage on the menu but some hearty Irish stew, Shepherd’s Pie and plenty of appetizers should also be available for guests. Thick loaves of Irish soda bread can be used to make appetizers that will help people avoid drinking too much but traditional appetizers and party food like chips and dips are also usually very welcome too. Desserts can range from fancy cakes to things like Irish cream brownies and cookies. Finger foods are always a good idea when people are going to be drinking a lot. Crockpots full of hot dips and soups are perfect for this type of party so that guests can eat while they are drinking.


Irish Entertainment
If you want your party to really stand out you can arrange for some Irish dancers to perform some traditional Irish dances at the party. Or you can bring out the karaoke machine and let people belt out some traditional Irish drinking songs and Irish ballads. Make sure that you have a video recorder or use your smart phone to record some of your guests singing “The Fields of Athenry” and “The Parting Glass” at the top of their lungs after a few too many strong Irish beers. If you don’t have a karaoke machine you can create a great playlist of Irish songs on your MP3 player or on your computer. Throw in some contemporary Irish music as well as the traditional standards to keep the party spirit high.