How to Store Your Halloween Decorations and Costumes


Decorating for Halloween is a lot of fun, but can get expensive. In order to be sure that the holiday decorations, lights, costumes and knick knacks that you buy for Halloween stay like new it’s important to store them properly. If you store your Halloween items safely you can get many years of fun and enjoyment out of them. It’s always a good idea to save costumes and costume pieces because you may be able to use them in future costumes. You can also save candles, table linens, and other items with a Halloween motif. Here are some easy and creative ways to store your Halloween items so that they are just as good as new next year:

Keep costume items in costume boxes – Archival paper boxes designed to protect fabric are the best choice for costume storage. Archival paper boxes are not as expensive as you might think. Small ones cost about the same as a similar sized plastic storage bin. To make sure that Halloween masks hold their shape and don’t become dried out or stiff buy some mannequin heads online or at your local beauty supply store and put the masks on the mannequins for storage.

A great way to store fake noses, false teeth, contacts, accessories like jewelry or glitter and other craft items used to make costumes is also very easy. Buy some plastic cups, or use some left over from your Halloween party. Hot glue them to the bottom of a large piece of cardboard or poster board. Fill the cups with all the little items that you want to save for costumes. Then store the board in a flat plastic bin with a lid. When you want to start making costumes for next year all your supplies will be organized. This is also a great way to store candles because even if they get a little warm and soft they won’t ruin any other items.

Clean, organize and label everything – When Halloween is over it’s kind of a drag to go through all the decorations one by one and make sure each one Is cleaned and organized but the effort will be worth it when next Halloween rolls around. Use cardboard tubes like towel tubes or shipping tubes to keep your lights from becoming tangled. Slit each end of the tube and wind the lights around the tube. Secure the end with a twist tie and place the tube in labeled plastic bag. When you are storing yard decorations like inflatable items keep all the pieces and the pump together so you won’t have to hunt for the individual pieces. Color coding the storage bins that you use is a great way to stay organized and keep different types of decorations together.

Make an inventory list – This is the best way to keep track of the items that you have and keep track of what you will need next year. As each item gets cleaned and put away add it to the inventory list. Make sure that you make notes about what type of batteries it uses or any other useful information. Next year when you unpack you will have a list of all the items you have and all the items you need ready to go.


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