How to Safely Wear Halloween Contacts


halloween-contactsHow do I safely wear Halloween contacts? Halloween contacts, sometimes called theatrical contacts or costume contacts, can be a stunning addition to a Halloween or Cosplay costume. There are hundreds of styles that you can wear to really give the effect of being a zombie, a vampire, an alien, or an anime character. There are wild colors, patterns, and even glow in the dark contacts that will really take your costume to the next level. Good quality costume contacts aren’t that expensive if they are contacts that don’t have actual vision correcting lenses. You can buy costume lenses that do have vision correction in the lenses if you wear glasses normally but want to wear Halloween lenses. But lenses that do correct your vision will cost more than those that are just for dramatic effect.

Costume contacts are safe when they are worn correctly, just like any other type of contact lenses. You do need a prescription for contact lenses, even Halloween lenses that don’t provide any vision correction. Any eye doctor can give you a contact lens exam to be sure that your eyes are healthy enough to wear contacts. Ask the eye doctor for a copy of your prescription when the exam is done and that is all you will need to purchase Halloween contacts. Here’s a few other things you need to know in order to wear costume lenses safely:

Don’t Buy Lenses From Anyplace That Doesn’t Require a Prescription

This is very important. Getting a prescription to wear the lenses is the law, and anyplace that doesn’t ask you for a copy of your prescription before selling you costume lenses is breaking the law. Often they are selling old stock that has expired or lenses that may be damaged or used. Don’t take the chance. Going to the eye doctor is quick and if you have insurance the visit is probably not going to cost much, if anything. Only buy from reputable and experienced sellers who require a copy of your prescription.

Practice Wearing Them

If you don’t normally wear contacts it can take some getting used to. When you get your Halloween lenses practice putting them in and taking them out so that you will be able to get them out quickly if you need to. Wear them for short period of time to get used to them before you wear them on Halloween night. If you plan on driving while wearing them make sure that you can see properly out of them or wait until you get to your Halloween destination to put them in.

Keep Them Clean

You will need to get a contact lens cleaning solution and a contact lens case. When you are not wearing the lenses they should always be secure in the case with some of the lens cleaner in the case to sanitize them. Wash your hands and put a little lens cleaner on your fingers when you put the contacts it. That will help them stay sanitary when you are handling them. You also should get some saline rewetting drops and keep them with you. If your eyes get dry or you get a piece of dust or debris on your contacts the rewetting drops will wash them off and rehydrate your eyes.

Don’t Wear Them For Extended Periods

Halloween lenses aren’t meant to be worn for long periods of time, like overnight. You can wear them for several hours at a stretch but you should always take them out and give your eyes some time to rest after a period of a few hours. That will give you a chance to clean them and make sure they are still in good condition. Don’t ever wear contacts that are torn or ripped because they could seriously damage your eyes.

Don’t Share Lenses

You may be tempted to let your friends try on your lenses, or try on a friend’s lenses if they have some great costume contacts they worn for Halloween but don’t do it. Sharing lenses can cause infections and other eye problems, even if the lenses have been sanitized. You wouldn’t share makeup or other personal items so don’t share these either. Keep your cool looking costume lenses just for yourself.