Hotel Transylvania


HTransylvaniaJust in time for Halloween Sony unveiled the animated feature film Hotel Transylvania. The premise of the film is an original one, which is hard to do when making an animated feature today. The Hotel Transylvania is owned by Dracula and it’s the resort where all the monsters inhabiting the human world go to get away from it all. When they need a vacation from scaring people they check into the Hotel Transylvania for a break. The animation quality is high, and the whole picture has a look and animation style similar to The Nightmare Before Christmas although all of the animation is CG. In the film Dracula has invited a whole host of monsters to the hotel to help him celebrate the 118th birthday of his daughter. But as the celebrations are starting a human comes to the hotel, which is something that has never happened before. A young man backpacking through Europe comes to the Hotel Transylvania in search of a room and Dracula must keep his monster guests from freaking out and keep his daughter from falling in love with the human.

The animated film has some serious star power voicing the main characters. Disney sensation Selena Gomez plays Dracula’s daughter. Adam Sandler voices Dracula. Kevin James voices Frankenstein and Fran Drescher voices his wife, the Bride of Frankenstein. When the film first started casing Miley Cyrus was scheduled to play Dracula’s daughter but she declined the project to focus on other projects and Selena Gomez took over. Steve Buscemi, Cee Lo Green, David Spade and Molly Shannon are also voicing characters. From the list of stars who are appearing it’s clear that the film will have a comedic twist, which is something that hasn’t been done too many times. The film could be trying to copy the success of films like The Corpse Bride, which focused on a funnier approach to the lives of monsters and ghosts. Since there are not a lot of Halloween films out in theaters that are geared towards kids in the fall the movie should draw a large audience.

Sony is trying something new to market the film before it comes out. A video game for kids, the Hotel Transylvania Social Game, will be used to get kids interested in the characters and the story and to draw attention to the film. Marketing films in video games is still a relatively new strategy but if it proves successful more and more films will start creating games to accompany their films. It’s in the studio’s best interest to create a companion game because not only can the companion game advertise the film it can keep generating interest in the film or in future sequels after the movie has been released. So if you want to have a Halloween laugh instead of a Halloween scare this year check out Hotel Transylvania in the fall and bring the kids for a good family friendly afternoon at the movies.


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