Horror Video Games


horror-gamesThe horror genre has been out there for a long time now, both in movies/TV shows and in books as well. The truth is that there are many, many people who are absolutely fascinated with this genre and that there are a lot of them who would go a long way just to watch or read the best of the best in it.


The horror genre has many ramifications in itself as well. There are science fiction horror movies, TV shows and books, as well as thriller works too. Some of them are very realistic and they portray real-life murders (even when they don’t seem to be real, such as in the case of the John Wayne Gacy, the killer clown). Others are pure fiction and they portray monsters and creatures thirsty for blood. But, at the end of the day, they all have their own charm and attractiveness based on playing with one’s mind and expectations.


Video Games: A New Launch Pad for the Horror Genre

Computers and science have evolved a lot during the past few decades and some will even say that there is something absolutely miraculous about the way in which everything has developed (and continues to develop) in a very short time span. From games with almost no graphics at all (such as the original chess game played on a PC) to games with graphics meant to astonish anyone who takes a look at them, there is a very long way but we have somehow managed to go on this path in a shorter time than anyone else out there would have expected.


Video games are the quintessence of just how far we’ve come when it comes both to hardware and to software development. Somewhere in between art and science, video games do say a lot about who have we become as a race and they can attract a wide variety of people out there.


There are video games in almost every single category one can imagine. From video games focusing on sports to games with a strong historical background and from games featuring fantasy world to games featuring childish characters, there is really something for every single type of gamer out there: from the kid who can barely spell his/her name to the seasoned gamers participating in international contests.


The horror genre has started to catch with video game players as well and more and more games are made to be as terrific and scary as possible. Ghosts, monsters andacreedfantastic creatures all come to life in the computer screens of people from all over the world and the very best part about enjoying the peak of the horror genre on a computer game is related to the fact that it is you as a player who controls everything. You can be the murderer, the monster or the hero saving the world. You can kill and hunt demons and you can run away from creatures portrayed better than any kind of movie or book out there will ever be able to portray.


There are a lot of horror games out there. One of the best ones released in 2014 is Dying Light for example and it will allow you to “play around” with some really creepy zombies. This is an open world game, which means that it is very likely that will cause addiction. The graphics are amazing and the things you can do by controlling your hero from your keyboard and mouse are great as well.


Furthermore, another very good game released in the same year is Among the Sleep. Although an independent video game, it is very probable that you will fall in love with its story and with its graphics as well. Hint: you get to be a two-year old exploring a creepy house and the experience will be absolutely original and amazing at the same time.



Horror Characters Will Be Very Popular This Halloween

If you like the horror genre, it is very likely that Halloween is your favorite time of the year as well and that you will really want to pull off the best costume ever. Instead of going for a classic movie character this year, choose one from one of your favorite horror games out there – and there is a very high chance that everyone will be left in awe at your originality and creativity!


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