Horrifying Halloween Decorations for Every Budget


witch animatronicWhat can I use to decorate for Halloween?  That is a great question! Decorating for Halloween is a lot of fun. No matter what your budget is you can find horrifying Halloween decorations that will scare Trick or Treaters and make your home the talk of the neighborhood. Halloween decorations these days go way beyond scary lights. You can rig up a fancy LED light display that is synced to music or you can use animatronic zombies and ghouls to create tarrying scenes in your garage or yard. But if your budget is limited there are lot of decorations that you can buy which aren’t expensive and when used correctly still will deliver a great scare. Here’s a quick look at some of the best Halloween decorations on the market in a range of price points:


When it comes to Halloween decorations animatronic decorations are what will really take your Halloween display to the next level. Not all animatronics are expensive as you might think either. Even high end animatronics don’t cost a fortune. Swinging zombie animatronics and zombies based on the zombies featured in The Walking Dead are super fun decorations, but so are zombie babies that crawl on the floor and ghosts and ghouls that are on the smaller side. Those animatronics are affordable on any budget so even if you only have a little money to spend on decorations you can get a terrifying animatronic.

Animatronics are an investment in your holiday decorations. While the up front cost of animatronics might seem high they will continue to scare people for years to come and the impact of a massive animatronic yelling at Trick or Treaters or flashing its eyes and moving can’t be beat. If you really want to scare people nothing works as well as an animatronic decoration. When you combine animatronics with other types of decorations you can create practically professional quality haunts at home without spending thousands of dollars.

Lightshows and Projections

You’ve probably seen some of the elaborate musical light shows that people create for Halloween on YouTube. Those displays are fantastic but they usually require a lot of time and money to put together. If you love electronics and you have the budget to put on a show like that you will definitely have a great time and so will your Trick or Treaters. You will make a big splash on social media too, your house may even go viral. But if your budget is limited that doesn’t mean you can’t make a spectacle of your house too. Hiding a plain screen in some bushes or projecting images of zombies or ghosts or killer shadows onto the screen or onto the side of your house is a really effective way to scare the people who come by the house without having to put in a lot of effort.

Projectors and DVD Effects

Using projectors and DVDs is a fabulous way to create amazing multimedia decorations on a budget. For the cost of a CD that you can put in your laptop or a projector you can turn your home into a zombie safe-zone, or a haunted house where faces appear in the windows and the walls bleed. You can create any type of haunt that you want from a terrible insane asylum to a post-apocalyptic survival camp. With a little creativity, a laptop or a projector and a DVD you can create terrifying new worlds inside your home that will amaze and scare your friends and family and Trick or Treaters.

Spotlights, Colored Lights and a Fog Machine

Spotlights and strobe lights are an affordable option to create spooky displays too. Using colored lights can add a lot of atmosphere to a haunted house fogor even a yard haunting scene. If you are creative with the lights, fog machines, and other inexpensive decorations including some DIY options you can make some really frightening scenes without spending a lot of money. Dry ice and fog create an instantly creepy atmosphere that you can highlight with some colored lighting. You can use colored lightbulbs to get the effect that you want or you can use colored gels that fit over standard lights to create different effects.