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h-hauntingHome haunting, the elaborate and over the top Halloween decorations that are featured often on sites like YouTube, are becoming more popular every year. There are now more people who create huge displays for Halloween than for Christmas. Affordable special effects and easy to program computer apps and programs that make it easy to sequence and sync these shows make it possible for anyone to turn their own home into a spectacular Halloween display.


Whether you stick with just lights and music or use animatronics and other props to create a terrifying scene you can be sure that if you take the time and trouble to create a great home haunting it will end up online so people can admire it.


If you have never attempted to create a home haunting before but want to start this year here are some tips from the pros to help you get started:


Draft out your entire scene and stick to your plan – According to popular designers whose home hauntings have generated millions of views on YouTube the planning is the most important part. Some special effects fans start creating a plan up to a year in advance. Coordinating music, lights and other props can take some time to pull off so the earlier you start the better off you will be. It’s also a good idea to start with one element of the scene that you want to create and build everything else around it. So if you love zombies and want to create a zombie scene decide where you want to place the zombies and build the rest of the design around that. Or if there is a particular Halloween song that you really love base the light show and other elements around that piece of music.


Invest in quality lights and props – Your haunting will depend on the ability of your lights and other props to perform so don’t skimp on the cost of the props that you buy. You don’t have to spend a fortune on items to create your haunted scene but it’s worth the extra money to buy quality pieces instead of just buying a lot of cheap pieces. Set up a budget for your haunting project and start buying pieces one at a time over a period of months to make it easier to absorb the cost. Good quality animatronics and props can last for many years if you buy the best quality you can afford and store them properly.


Remember that what does up must come down – You may be tempted to use hundreds of pieces in creating your scene to make it as scary as possible but remember that the day after Halloween you have to take all of those lights and props down. Keep your design simple so that you don’t end up getting frustrated at having to complete a huge clean up. If you have a scene that is well designed you won’t need a lot of pieces to make it wonderful.


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