Healthy Halloween


trailHalloween is one of the few times of the year when it’s ok to indulge your sweet tooth and eat a lot of candy. But with childhood obesity at epidemic levels parents are concerned about their kids gorging on chocolate and sweets at Halloween. You can compromise with your kids and let them have healthy treats that have fewer calories and less fat than chocolate bars and candy. Giving out healthy treats can actually cost less than some premium candy. Try giving out healthy treats this year and you’ll see that parents and kids alike will be delighted with healthy treats. Great tasting and creative healthy treats will please all the Trick or Treaters that come to your door. Their parents will be delighted that the treats are healthy.


Check out some of these tasty alternatives to sugar and fat laden Halloween candy:


Trail mix – Many stores sell boxes of pre-packaged trail mix for snacks and lunches. These small individually wrapped packages are ideal for Trick or Treaters. Trail mix is full of healthy dried fruit, nuts and pretzels and has fewer calories and fat than candy bars. Kids love trail mix because of the combination of salty and sweet tastes in the mix. You can make your own healthy trail mix for Halloween parties but stock up on boxes of the pre-packaged trail mix if you want to be one of the most popular houses in the neighborhood on Halloween night. The only thing you need to be careful of when you’re giving out trail mix is people who may have a peanut allergy. It’s a good idea to put a sticker on each bag letting people know it contains nuts if there are nuts in the mix. Parents whose kids have peanut allergies will appreciate you taking the extra time to do that.

Protein bars – Protein bars are about the same size as candy bars but have fewer calories, less sugar, and they are packed with healthy protein. There are so many different kinds and flavors of protein bars it will be easy to find some that are sweet enough to appeal to kids. Watch for sales on particular brands to cut down on the cost of buying protein bars for Trick or Treaters. You can also buy them in bulk at overstock stores so that you will have plenty on hand. For a Halloween party you can cut protein bars into small cubes and serve them with a yogurt dipping sauce.

Fruit – Fruit is a great healthy alternative to traditional Halloween sweets. Make sure you pick hearty fruits that can survive getting tossed around in a Trick or Treat bucket though. Oranges, apples, and pears are fabulous fruits to give to Trick or Treaters. Soft fruits like berries and bananas are not such a great choice. Blood oranges are a fun choice for Halloween treats. You can also use a craft syringe to inject each orange with food coloring so that when the orange turns purple, green, red or even black.


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