Haunted Insane Asylum


A run down haunted insane asylum is one of the scariest places that most people can imagine. There’s something about the decay and atmosphere of horror and suffering that can scare even the toughest paranormal critic. And there’s reason be afraid. Paranormal teams around the country have captured chilling evidence of paranormal activity at many abandoned or destroyed insane asylums. Some of the most well-respected paranormal investigators say that old insane asylums and poorhouses are highly likely have paranormal activity because of the buildup of energy in the buildings and because most of the asylums and poorhouses have pretty grim histories. Anytime you have a place where many people died there will be a creepy vibe in the air. Add to that the knowledge that most of the asylums that were in use were places where patients were abused, tortured and experimented on and a creepy old asylum is enough to send anyone running in terror.

Few things are as terrifying to most people as the image of an old room in a state of decay where there is a dirty medical examining table and procedure chair. Imagining what might have happened in the room can be absolutely terrifying. So if you want to thoroughly scare your friends and family this year turn your home into a haunted asylum and watch them cower in fear. Creating an asylum in your home or garage isn’t much more difficult than creating a haunted house. Here are some items you will need to create a terrifying haunted asylum:

Faces in the walls – In order to get the maximum effect you want to recreate what it must have felt like for patients who had hallucinations or were otherwise not in their cracraright mind. A great way to do that is to create shadowy faces crawling in the walls or in the ceiling of hallways and rooms in the house. Take modeling clay in white or grey and sculpt out eyes, mouths screaming, and other scary faces. Bake the clay in the oven until it’s hard. Paint shadows on the clay to give it more dimension than use temporary hanging strips or double sided tape to hang the faces on the walls. In the shadowy dark you friends and family will think faces are coming out of the wall at them.

A medical experimentation room – This is the room that will send your guests running. Make sure the room looks dirty and decrepit. You can use spray paint and texture on foam art boards to get the right look without destroying your walls. In the center of the room stage a medical procedure chair with one single light bulb above it. In the corner place a metal table, like a shop table, covered in fake blood. Place a tray of fake surgical tools on the table. Make sure both the table and the chair have visible restraints. If you don’t have a medical chair you can rent or buy a stainless steel hairdresser’s chair to get the same effect.



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