Halloween Weddings


halloween-weddingFew events in one’s life are as grand and as important as weddings. Most of the people want their weddings to be perfect and they start planning them well ahead of time. Brides to be and grooms to be choose lacy and fancy dresses, they choose how to decorate the location of the party, they choose the food they will be serving and all the other things that are wedding-related. Every detail matters and every single detail that is not taken care of can ruin everything. There is indeed a lot of energy put into one’s wedding.

You’ve probably been to at least one wedding before (and if you did not, you most certainly saw one on TV or at the movies). Usually, the predominant color is white (symbolizing purity, beginnings and so on) and most frequently the couple chooses a dash of another color as well (most frequently, a paste color but sometimes they choose accents of different colors, sometimes even bolder colors). And other than that, there is little else when it comes to the theme of the party.

If you want your wedding to be truly unforgettable and original, then you will definitely love the idea of an actual themed party. Some choose to go vintage and jazzy about this. Others choose to go Medieval and others simply choose to go for another period in history.

And yet, there are those handful few who choose to hold their wedding on Halloween, which definitely saves them from thinking about a theme. A Halloween-themed wedding can be an excellent choice if you want something that is actually unique. Your guests will definitely appreciate the initiative and the best part about this is that you can have tons of fun with the organization process.

Basically, Halloween weddings are great from multiple points of view. First and foremost, nothing is boring about them. While most of the people have seen the white-and-pastels before, not all of them have seen oranges-blacks-reds-and-whites or other Halloween-like color combinations (or at least not as part of a wedding decoration theme). Even more, few of them have ever seen a bride wearing anything black on her body, but if you do choose to organize your wedding on Halloween, this will be more than permissible.

Your Halloween-themed wedding can go way beyond the colors of the party location and beyond the colors of your wedding dress. In fact, everything about your wedding can be customized to fit into the Halloween theme. You can have an original cake with blacks and reds. You can have cupcakes with little ghosts and skeletons as their decoration. You can have pumpkin cakes.

You can top everything with skeleton decorations. You can decorate the entire party with pumpkins in various shapes. You can go wherever your imagination wants you to go and there will always be more, without being too much.

If you are a bit on the “goth” side, this kind of wedding is absolutely perfect for you. But even if you aren’t, it can still be a very original way of making sure that everyone will actually be entertained at your wedding. You can have everything a Halloween party has, from the punch to the candies and you can even have your guests dress up as their favorite Halloween characters.

Halloween weddings have definitely grown in popularity and the truth is that more and more people are choosing such a theme precisely because it is fun and exciting and because it is something that is really original.

You may be worried by the fact that you may not be able to find all the wedding Halloween items you will want (such as Halloween-themed cakes or Halloween-themed wedding invitations). However, the truth is that there are many of them out there as well, especially since more and more people are choosing this kind of theme for their wedding party.

Having a Halloween wedding can definitely make a very bold statement and it can definitely add up to the excitement surrounding this celebration. Even more, everybody will remember when your wedding is and everyone will remember just how great it was even many years from now – because this is something that truly sticks to people’s memory!


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