Halloween Wedding


00194670.zoom.aHolidays have always been popular times for weddings but the most popular holiday for wedding these days is Halloween. Halloween weddings are smart choices for a lot of reasons. The autumn leaves are in full bloom which can make for a spectacular outdoor wedding. Because the weather isn’t terrible family and friends who are traveling for the wedding can make travel plans without worrying too much about the weather. You can get great deals on wedding and reception sites because Halloween falls during the “off” season for many rental venues. But the best reason to have a Halloween wedding is because it’s the chance to truly have a fantasy wedding. All bets are off when it comes to Halloween weddings. Whether you want a dark and spooky Gothic wedding or a costume fantasy wedding fit for a Disney movie when you get married at Halloween you can do exactly what you want. Check out these fun twists on traditional weddings that are perfect for Halloween weddings:

Colored wedding dresses – Brides who don’t want to wear the traditional white strapless princess style wedding gowns can really express themselves at a Halloween wedding. Choose a wedding dress that fits your style in autumn colors like gold, burgundy, green, purple, dark blue or black. If you can’t find a dress the color that you want you can have a traditional dress dyed to the color you want or you can have a dress custom made for you. Black wedding gowns are becoming very popular, especially for Halloween weddings. If you’re not comfortable wearing all black at your wedding try adding black accents to your dress or wearing black gloves and jewelry to give the dress some Halloween appropriate touches. Wedding gowns with flowers, stripes and other embellishments are also perfect for Halloween weddings.

Halloween wedding favors – Even if you want to have a traditional dress and ceremony you can play up the Halloween holiday at the reception with Halloween wedding favors. Trick or Treat bags are perfect for holding gifts for your guests. Jack O’Lanterns can be used as centerpieces. Trick or Treat bowls can hold candy corn and mixed Trick or Treat candies. Serve specialty cocktails and dishes with Halloween names. Instead of using white lights to decorate use green, purple and orange ones. And make sure that you dance to some Halloween classics during the reception too.

Pick a theme and encourage guests to dress up to fit that theme – Costume dramas normally don’t belong at weddings. But when you have a Halloween wedding you can create the night of your dreams. You can recreate a favorite movie or TV show. Or you can have your friends and family members dress in costumes from a particular time period. Murder Mystery Dinners are perfect for Halloween wedding receptions and are a lot of fun when everyone is in costume and in character. Halloween weddings are the perfect opportunity to create an experience that you and your family and friends will never forget.



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