Halloween Safety Tips


A delightful time for children, Halloween is a night of trick-or-treating, costumes and fun.  Unfortunately, it can pose dangerous situations.  With common sense and a few tips to keep in mind, Halloween night can be a safe and delightful event.  Here are some safety tips to make Halloween night a safe and eventful one.

  1. Kids between the ages of 5 and 14 are at more risk to be hit by a car on Halloween.  It is important that your child’s costume is safe.  Ensure that the costume fits properly without being too big, and avoid masks that obstruct their vision.
  2. Most store bought costumes are flame resistant; however, if you make one at home, it is advised to consider fabric that would resist flames.  Teaching your child the “stop, drop and roll” technique is advised in case the unforeseen happens.
  3. Most children might dislike reflector taped stuck to their costume, so consider glow sticks as a fun addition to the night.  Carry a flash light,
  4. While accompanying your children during the trick-or-treat fun, make sure they maintain safety while crossing streets and are aware of traffic.
  5. Remind them not to enter anyone’s home or car while trick-or-treating, and avoid houses that aren’t properly lit.  This usually indicates that the person doesn’t have candy to distribute, and isn’t participating in the event.
  6. Stay in well-lit and populated areas with your child.  Avoid dark alleys and streets.
  7. Prior to the sweet consumption, check your child’s loot.  If anything is suspicious throw it out.  Ensure that all candy is properly wrapped in it’s original wrappers.   Don’t let your child consume anything homemade unless it is from someone you know and trust.
  1. It is also important to prepare your house for trick-or-treaters.  Prior to Halloween night, make sure your yard and pathways are clear from obstructions such as water hoses and other debris that can cause a trip and fall.
  2. It is also wise to confine your pets because they may scare or be scared of the trick-or-treating traffic.  They may become overly anxious which can cause them to be dangerous.  Keep all treats away from your pets.  Chocolate is extremely toxic to dogs and cats.  Make sure candy wrappers are disposed of properly as they can be a choking hazard to curious pets.

10.  If you have lit jack-o-lanterns, keep them off pathways to prevent an accidental fire.  Also make sure your pathway and porch is lit for the ghouls and goblins.

11.  During pumpkin carving activities, supervise and don’t allow your child to use any sharp objects for carving.  It is advised to let them use a marker to draw the pumpkin’s face, and then you can do the carving.

Halloween is a fun way to spend time with your child.  It is part of growing up and experiencing the joys of a holiday.  With a few simple safety tips and common sense, your memories will last a life time.


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