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Thanks to Shared Ideas Online Celebrating Halloween is Becoming a Popular Art

It used to be that people used the Internet mainly for email and checking the news but these days being online is all about social interaction and sharing ideas. People spend hours online everyday talking to friends and family members and browsing blogs and community sites to get ideas for everything from recipes for dinner to DIY crafts to fashion advice. One community site, HalloweenForum.com is making Halloween decorating fun again by offering advice on decorating, crafts, costumes, party tips and more. You can get expert tips and tips from other forum members that will spark your creativity to create your own crafts and decorations. You can also find tutorials and advice on how to make popular Halloween items for less or tips on how to throw a great Halloween party on a budget. If it’s related to Halloween you will find it here. Community sites like Halloween Forum are a great resource because if you get stuck in the middle of a project or if you need some ideas for a project or costume you can get support and ideas of thousands of other people who love Halloween just like you. Halloween Forum can help you create fantastic Halloween décor, crafts, costumes and party favors like:

DIY Halloween Lanterns – Safety should be a concern when taking kids out for Trick or Treating. You can make DIY Halloween Lanterns that are easy for kids to carry and won’t shatter or break if dropped by using plastic milk jugs. The gallon sized plastic milk jugs that you probably use everyday make perfect lanterns for kids because even if your kids drop them on hard concrete they will not break. Let each child decorate a clean milk jug with a black marker, paint, stickers or other craft supplies. Since the milk jugs are white you can draw scary ghost faces on them to make them spookier if you want. Then put a flameless candle in the jug. Make sure the flameless candle had new batteries and the light will last all night and light your way around the neighborhood for Trick or Treating. This is a great project to have kids do themselves at pre-Halloween parties while they are getting into their costumes.


Inexpensive Halloween Wreath – Instead of paying a fortune for door décor you can easily make your own spooky wreath for the front door. Start with a round floral frame and paint that black. Then cut one yard of black burlap into one and two inch strips, letting the edges fray naturally. Staple or glue the strips around the wreath however you like. Then you can decorate that with a stuffed crow, a ghost, monster heads, or whatever else you would like. Get creative! You can even use zombie Barbie heads for a ghoulish effect. If you want the effect to be spooky rather than gory try winding some purple or orange Halloween lights around the wreath and then hanging it on your door.



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