Halloween Music Takes Your Halloween Decorations to the Next Level


If you love decorating for Halloween but want to amp up your decorating this year you should add Halloween musichmusic to your decorations. A little spooky music can really enhance the decorating that you do outdoors and indoors. Adding some creepy music and sound effects is an easy and effective way to scare your guests as they walk through your yard or go through a haunted house that you have created. Adding music to spooky scenes is easier than ever before thanks to wireless devices and tiny MP3 players that can be hidden easily.

Check out some of these popular ways to incorporate Halloween music into your holiday decorations:

Music and light show – This is the most popular way to use music for Halloween. Elaborate light and music shows are becoming wildly popular. Every year videos of new lightshows set to popular music show up on YouTube and on blogs all over the Internet. Most people use specific Halloween theme music in order to create a spooky effect but you don’t have to use Halloween music. Some people choose to use popular dance songs or radio hits instead as a way to draw people to the house on Halloween. Or you can combine some popular songs with some well known Halloween music classics. Light and music shows are a neighborhood event in many places where people come from all over to see the annual light and music displays. On YouTube Halloween music and light shows draw millions of views.

Music for impact – Motion activated music players can add a terrifying element to Halloween displays. Think of how scary it will be for friends or family to walk into a room in your haunted house where there is a piano and here the piano theme from Halloween start playing. Or to walk outside and hear music usually used in slasher films when someone is about to get killed. You can use snippets of Halloween music and sound effects to create an environment that is truly terrifying for your friends and family members. You can buy a motion sensing adapter for popular MP3 players or smart phones so that they will play the music you have cued up at any time.

Music to set the mood for the party – If you want to get the party started on Halloween having a great mix of Halloween music is the best way to do it. You can set up a playlist full of Halloween classics like The Monster Mash and Time Warp in order to get everyone in the mood to have fun. If your party has a darker theme you can add some music from artists like Rob Zombie that have a darker and edgier tone. Just make sure that at some point in the night you play classics that everyone associates with Halloween. No Halloween party would be complete without someone playing Michael Jackson’s Thriller at least once.


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