Halloween Masquerade Party


MasqueradeMasquerade parties are a lot of fun for Halloween. They are dramatic, romantic, and celebrate the sensuality of the holiday. Throwing a great Halloween masquerade party means setting a scene for the party that is rich, decadent, and lush. That’s easy to do if you live in a palace or grand old castle, but not so easy to do in a regular home or apartment.


If you want to throw the best masquerade party for Halloween this year that everyone will be talking about use these tips to get the décor and other elements of the party just right:


Creating a Lush Look on the Cheap
You’d probably love for your home to look like a palace, or an old plantation home, or a castle everyday. You can’t redesign your home for a party but you can create the kind of atmosphere that will help your guests get into the spirit of the party. The quickest and cheapest way to get that luxurious feeling in your home is to hang fabric on the wall. Rich tapestries, silks, and lots of white fabric hanging in doorways, on the walls, and around little secret meeting places will set the stage perfectly for your masquerade. The best part is that all you need to create this luxurious feeling is fabric and some liquid starch. Spray starch, the same kind your mom probably used to iron with, will make fabric stick to walls without damaging the walls. At the end of the night or the next day just peel the fabric off the wall. There will be no damage and no marks on either the fabric or the wall. You can buy white sheets from a discount store and combine them with pieces of gorgeous upholstery fabric to make the room look cozy and rich. You can easily hang curtains to create private spaces by using tension rods that are easy to put up and take down. To create a private conversation area that is ripe for romance use a curved shower curtain rod to create a romantic nook. Use pieces of discount velvet to cover chairs and sofas.


Provide Masks and Materials
Everyone at a masquerade has to have a mask or it will throw off the vibe of the party. Inevitably someone will show up without a mask or Masquerade-masksomeone’s mask will break during the party. To avoid having these incidents ruin the party set up a table in the entryway where guests will check in and leave their coats. There you can have blank white masks, markers, paints, glue, fabric, beads and jewels and other materials so that guests can make a mask or add to their existing masks. It will get your guests into the spirit of the party and it will help keep the vibe of the party strong. Be sure that you put a small vanity or mirror in the area as well so that guests can check how their masks look on before heading into the party. Encourage anyone who doesn’t have a mask to show up early to make a mask.


Make Some Makeshift Cubbies
People who are coming to the masquerade will need a place to put their coats, hats, glasses, contact lens kits and other items. To keep those things safe and encourage people to really get into the spirit of the party offer hatboxes or small plastic storage boxes that can be marked with the person’s name and stored out of sight. That way they will know their valuables are safe and they will be able to relax and have a good time. Storage baskets will work too, but it’s easy for people to slip expensive items out of a storage basket. Use boxes or bins that have tight fitting lids to discourage theft.


Mood Lighting Matters
An easy way to create mood lighting is to use candles, but candles and fabric aren’t really a good mix. Replace the light bulbs in the light fixtures with soft low wattage bulbs or colored Halloween light bulbs. Flameless candles and LED lights will create the soft romantic light that a masquerade should have.


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