Halloween Costume Accessory Guide for Parents


Isn’t it frustrating when you spend money on a Halloween costume months in advance and then at the last minute your child refuses to wear it and wants something else? Well parents, you can avoid this frustration by putting together a Halloween costume accessory kit well in advance. With a well-stocked kit full of Halloween accessories you can turn their existing costume into just about any other costume without a lot of fuss. That way you don’t get stuck having to buy two costumes, or more, and you can avoid all that last minute drama. Place items that are similar in plastic storage bags that are labeled. You can store your Halloween accessory bags in a plastic storage tote that will fit in a closet or under the bed so the kids won’t see it and then you can bring it out at the last minute and save the day. You’ll be a Halloween hero! Here are a few of the things that you will need to have to create the ultimate Halloween costume accessory kit:

wigWigs and Hairpieces

Sometimes you don’t need a full wig to change a costume. A simple hairpiece to help fill out a ponytail or some colored streaks that clip into their own hair or a wig can be enough to transform a costume. Stick some LED light strips in with your hair accessories too, because adding a few light up hair strips can add a lot of dazzle to a costume as well as making your child more visible.

Makeup and Body Paint

Makeup and body paint can turn a costume into something else very quickly. Keep a palate of eye shadows and a set of different colored body paint in a plastic bag in your accessory kit. But, don’t forget the baby wipes, makeup sponges, Q tips and glitter. All of those tools will help you get makeup off quickly if it needs to be fixed or changed and glitter make anything a costume.


Did you know that you can roll a tutu up into a tiny little roll of tulle that is smaller than a water bottle? You can. And tutus are one of the best tutuinterchangeable costumes there are for little girls. Put a little girl in a pink tutu and leggings and she’s a ballerina. Change the tutu to black and put makeup on her and she’s the Black Swan. Or a Punk Princess. The possibilities are endless. Keep a few different colors of tutus rolled up in your kit. Tutus can be changed quickly and easily so they are perfect if you need a quick costume change when you’re already out Trick or Treating.

Hoods and Hats

army hatHoods with animal ears and hats can do a lot to make a costume pop. Put your son in a suit and he can be a businessman, an old time mobster, or a circus sideshow host just by what hat you put on him. A little girl can be transformed from a fairy into a bumblebee, or a bear, or a cat by adding a hood or hat with ears.  Hats might take up some space in the kit but often they can be carefully folded flat. Hoods can be rolled up like socks so that they take up less space.

Emergency Accessories

Whether you want to change a costume quickly or repair a costume on the go you should always have some repair accessories on you when you are taking kids out Trick or Treating. Baby wipes can clean up dirt, makeup, blood from cuts or scrapes, or other problems quickly and without water. Although you should keep a bottle of water with you as well. Bobby pins can be used for many different purposes. Safety pins of all sizes are a must. A small bottle of hair spray is also essential. Band aids and other first aid supplies should always be close at hand too. You might want to stick a few extra glowsticks in the pack as well in case you run out. If you have small children keep an extra diaper and a warm sleeper in there as well.