Go for the Gore


Go for the Gore: Fake Body Parts and Other Halloween Decorations that Really Set the Mood

If you want to create a truly scary Halloween atmosphere for a Halloween party or for Trick of Treating using fake body parts is a great way to do it.07003874.detail.a People are always thrown off balance by the appearance of a bloody limb, a random eyeball, or a skeleton hanging menacingly in a corner. The trick to making your event truly scary and not just a random collection of fake looking body parts is how you use them. Here are some tips for using fake body parts to scare the costumes off your guests at your Halloween party:

Don’t overdo it – If you pile a bunch of fake parts on top of each other, or use too many props then your scary party will look like a backstage party at a production of Sweeney Todd. It won’t be scary, it will be laughable.  Halloween decorations have come a long way  over the years and these days it takes a lot more than it did in the past to scare people. Using fake body parts and fake blood subtlety is the best way to really scare people. A few realistic fake body parts combined with the right staging will be terrifying to your guests and will make your Halloween party the most talked about party for the rest of the year.

Avoid cliches – Sausage intestines and fake plastic fingers are too cliche these days. Instead of falling back on those old tricks use fake arms, plastic skulls, hearts, and other body parts made in  today’s high tech plastics and other materials that will feel realistic. A good paint job and some fake blood will make a dismembered foot sticking out of a bloody shoe or a fake arm hanging from a meat hook in the ceiling truly scary. A candy dish or chip bowl made 07003916.detail.afrom a plastic skull is always a crowd pleaser, but you can also make a Jello heart from a plastic mold that looks frighteningly real and will even jiggle and move like a real organ and place that on the snack table to scare everyone. You can also buy brain molds to make realistic looking, edible brains. Eyeballs in the food are also a Halloween favorite.

Get creative – The best horror movies are scary because they creatively use death and gore to scare people. Instead of just dumping random plastic body parts around your home really make an effort to set a scene to provide the most dramatic effect. A fake torso hanging from a hook in the ceiling or a head suspended from a chain in the wall isn’t necessarily scary. But combine those fake body parts with a little fog, a colored strobe light positioned right on the body part, and Black light instead of traditional light and the effect is terrifying.  Recreate a scene from your favorite horror movie or create your own horror movie set by setting up each room as a different scene. Your guests will be terrified, but they will love it.


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