Game of Thrones Video Game


game-of-thronesTellTale Games, who created the record breaking The Walking Dead video game, has finally released their next ground-breaking game based on the Game of Thrones TV show on HBO. The first episode “Iron From Ice” was released in December 2014 and fans were waiting anxiously for it. Just like The Walking Dead game this game is episode based, with six episodes being planned. Each episode can be played as one of several different characters so that you can play each episode multiple times and from different perspectives. Also like The Walking Dead game the TellTale Game of Thrones game can be played on multiple formats including iPhones and iPads, Android devices, Xbox, Playstation, other console systems and PC.

The Story
The Game of Thrones game put out by TellTale puts players directly into Westeros in the time frame used in the TV series on HBO. Several of the characters from the TV show are in the game, and they look and sound like their TV counterparts thanks to the actors doing the voices for the game. Cersei Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, Margaery Tyrell, and Ramsay Snow are all the first episode of the game. But the story of the first episode centers on the House Forrester, which is a house that was mentioned in the series in passing but never actually seen in the show. Players can play the game as Gared Tuttle, who is the squire to the Lord Forrester, Mira Forrester who is the daughter of Lord Gregory Forrester or as Ethan Forrester who is the third son of Lord Forrester.

gameHouse Forrester
The authenticity of the game is very good in comparison to the show. House Forrester has all the history and backstory necessary for it to feel like a legitimate part of the Westeros world. House Forrester is deep in the woods and known for harvesting Ironwood trees and creating lumber. The house has a sigil, house words, and is sworn to House Glover, which is sworn to Winterfell. The game goes through some of the most infamous scenes and happenings in the series including the Red Wedding and the players are sent throughout Westeros on various quests and errands.

How to Play
The game is more of a choose your own adventure game than a typical video game. Just like The Walking Dead game you can choose your responses to questions asked within the game and you can choose to go on quests or follow certain storylines or not. In that way the game lets you create your own unique Game of Thrones experience every time you play. Since you can play as different characters and go through different storylines every time you play the game even just the first episode provides hours of exciting and thought provoking play.

Fan Reaction to the Game
Fan reaction to the game has generally been positive. The game was rated higher than a 90% satisfaction rating by most of the fans who tried the game as soon as it was released. You may not be running around killing things as much as you would in a first person shooter game or MMORPG but you still get the chance to combine action with a self-directed storyline which is a lot of fun. That episodic approach to the game is one of the reasons why the TellTale Walking Dead game has become one of the most popular games in history. By following the template of The Walking Dead game TellTale has created a Game of Thrones game experience that fans of the TV series will really enjoy. Fans of the books who don’t follow the TV show may not like the game as much since it is heavily based on the TV show. Fans of the books will probably find that important scenes and happenings are out of sequence and follow the show instead of the original books. But aside from the purists who only like the original books fans have embraced the game and are looking forward to more episodes being released so they can immerse themselves in Westeros whenever they want.


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