Game of Thrones Halloween


game-of-thonesGame of Thrones is an HBO produced TV show that no one predicted would be the smash hit it has become. HBO was looking for a fantasy show to tap into the huge audiences who were making fantasy films like The Lord of The Rings trilogy box office record setters. They settled on A Song of Fire and Ice by R.R. Martin. A Song of Fire and Ice is a collection of novels based in the fantasy land of Westeros. The first novel in the series is called A Game of Thrones and it sets up the story by introducing readers to the seven kingdoms of Westeros and the families that are power players in those kingdoms. All the families are plotting to take control of the Iron Throne. In addition to the main plot line of families fighting for ruling power there are many other plot lines intersecting in each episode.


The show producers didn’t simplify the main stories of the novels for television. Because of the intricacy of the story and the violence involved there been a lot of controversy surrounding the show which is now heading into a third season. During the first season the fate of the show was uncertain. But the show attracted a huge cult following made of fans of the novels and fans of fantasy, science fiction and historical fiction. The show combines element of history and the typical daily lives of people who lived in several different centuries throughout history. However most of the show borrows heavily from life during the European medieval historical time period.


At its heart Game of Thrones is character driven. The willingness of the writers to take risks and create complex characters who have to scheme and struggle in epic battles for political and social control has created one of the most diverse casts on TV. Game of Thrones also has one of the largest ensemble casts on TV. Because of the diversity in the styles of the characters and the popularity of the show Game of Thrones Halloween costumes are some of the most popular costumes in recent history. Fans of medieval dress can create stunning costumes that fit into the Westeros world by using wigs, medieval clothing, makeup and prosthetics to copy the styles of their favorite characters or create their own characters. The most popular Game of Thrones Halloween costumes are costumes of the main characters like Ned Stark, head of the Stark family which is one of the great families fighting for control.


Other high demand Game of Thrones Halloween costumes are of Queen Cersei Lassiter, Tyrion Lassiter, priestess Melisandre, and the child of the overthrown king Daenerys Targaryen and her brother. Game of Thrones Halloween parties where everyone dresses as a character in the series and the festivities include marathons of Games of Thrones episodes are very popular for adults who want to have unique Halloween parties that celebrate their favorite TV series.


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