Fog Machines Create Spooky Effects Without Breaking the Bank


fog-machineUsing a fog machine is a great way to create truly terrifying effects without spending a fortune. If you are on a budget when it comes to Halloween decorating but you don’t want to skimp on the fear investing in a fog machine is a smart idea. Fog machines come in a range of sizes and are more affordable than you might think. There are also a lot of DIY tricks you can use to get the most out of the fog machine that you buy. Nothing will set off a scary scene like a creepy crawling fog. Here are some fun ways to use a fog machine to create nightmare inducing scenes outside and inside:

Clinging fog walk – A simple but effective way to scare Trick or Treaters is to enshroud the walkway to your front door in thick fog. All you need to do this is a fog machine, a fog cooler and maybe some colored lights. In order for the fog to stay low to the ground so it curls around the Trick or Treaters it has to be chilled. You can use dry ice to accomplish this but a fog cooler is much more cost effective.  At the end of driveway or walkway hide a motion activated or remote controlled fog machine and a fog cooler. You can make a fog cooler by cutting medium sides holes in either end of a Styrofoam cooler, like a Styrofoam beer cooler that you can buy at the grocery store for a few dollars. Line the sides and bottom with regular ice. Place the fog machine in front of one of the holes in the cooler. As the fog blows out it will blow through the cooler and out the other side. The chilled fog will stay low to the ground and pool around the Trick or Treaters who travel up the walkway. If you want to scare them even more shine a strobe light or colored light into the mist.

Fog rising from a grave – One of the most fun ways to terrify people on Halloween is to create a ghost trying to manifest. If you have turned your yard into a graveyard you can use fog to accompany ghosts rising from the grave or to symbolize ghosts trying to manifest. Ghostly fog lets people use the power of their imaginations to terrify themselves. In order to create a swath of fog at one particular spot you can use a small fog machine that is set on a timer or you can use an ultrasonic mister. Ultrasonic misters create a dense fog around particular objects, like trees or graves, so you can create the effect of the undead rising from a grave and appearing as fog or mist. To make the apparition appear more solid you can use the mist and light. Place a small LED light behind the grave or shine a spotlight on it and the mist will appear to take shape as it swirls.


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