Fog Machine


You can Create the Perfect Halloween Atmosphere on a Tight Budget with a Fog Machine

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a spooky Halloween atmosphere. Even if you are decorating with a limited budget this year you can use a simple fog machine outdoors and indoors to add the extra layer of atmosphere you need to make your decorations really pop. For around 50$ or less you can buy a simple fog machine with a remote so that you can add layers of fog to your outdoor decorations while you attend to Trick or Treaters or increase the fog indoors to make your Halloween party that much spookier. The fog will also make it easier to disguise things like cords for Halloween lights or the bases of props that you have used to decorate in your yard. There is nothing like watching mist rise above tombstones in a front yard graveyard to set the scene for Halloween at home.

To get the fog where you want it to go you can use hoses, filters and other items that can be hidden inside other Halloween decorations. You can also buy timers and sensors that will set off the fog machine when someone approaches


or at regular intervals so that you don’t have to worry about the fog running out when you’re busy with Trick or Treaters or busy entertaining guests at a Halloween party. Just be sure to check the fog juice levels periodically so that you don’t run out through the course of the night.

If you want to add a really theatrical touch you can change the color of the fog by adding food coloring to the fog juice that goes into the fog machine.


Purple tinged mists in the twilight make witches come alive, and green fog surrounding an alien shape will make your guest shiver. You can also add mist to witches cauldrons to stimulate potions brewing either outdoors or indoors. Black fog will make your home look haunted by shadows. You can get brilliant oranges, greens and purples by using neon food coloring which is available at any grocery store in the cake and baking aisle.fog

When you’re shopping for a fog machine look for one that is small and low to the ground so that it’s easy to hide among other decorations. Don’t buy one of the fog machines that is made for professional DJs because those fog machines are made to hang from light rigs or be set into special racks. Plus, professional level fog machines are often much more expensive than the small fog machines designed for home use and for Halloween. Unless you have a very large yard or want to create fog throughout your entire home you won’t need a professional quality fog machine to make your home and yard look extra scary for Halloween. Even if you want to cut down on holiday decoration spending this year a fog machine for Halloween is worth investing in because of the fantastic Halloween atmosphere it can create.


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