Cult Comedy Kick-Ass Is a Halloween Favorite


The cult comedy Kick-Ass inspired fans to create funny superhero Halloween costumes that reflect real people. The movie, which debuted in 2010, quickly gathered a strong fan base around the world and achieved cult comedy status. Kick-Ass is the everyman superhero and the fans responded to him immediately. A slew of Kick-Ass  costumes became popular and are still popular today. Fans who always wanted to be a superhero can be found every year dressed as Kick-Ass and Hit Girl, the female superhero. Fans that have a darker side enjoy dressed up as Red Mist, the villainous super hero who led Kick-Ass and Hit Girl into a trap.


Kick-Ass is really Dave Lizewski, a normal teenager. Inspired by tales of super heroes like Batman he creates a costume from a morph suit and becomes a part time superhero called Kick-Ass. After his few attempts to battle evil he is seriously injured, which gives him the super human ability to bear pain. As a typical teenager he uses a MySpace account as a way for people to reach Kick-Ass when they need help. Through his adventures as Kick-Ass he gets hooked up with ex-policeman turned vigilante Big Daddy, who is going after the organized crime boss and his son that cost him his job. The crime boss focuses on Kick-Ass mistakenly thinking that Kick-Ass killed some of his men. In order to get Kick-Ass out into the open the crime boss’s son become the villain Red Mist who is able to lure Kick-Ass and his sidekick Hit Girl into an ambush. Hit Girl is the year old daughter of Big Daddy. He has trained her to become a vigilante too.


After an epic battle with the crime boss and Red Mist where Kick-Ass and Hit Girl barely survive they decide to hang up their superhero costumes and just be normal kids. They also start dating. Big Daddy is killed in the battle but Red Mist survives and turns himself into an even worse villain who is bent on destroying Kick-Ass and Hit Girl. The typical superhero tale is a lot funnier when an ordinary person is playing the role of the superhero and fans loved seeing a normal teenager transform into a flawed but dedicated superhero. There was some controversy about the level of violence committed by Kick-Ass and Hit Girl because they were so young but in the context of the story the violence was appropriate and suitable. The controversy didn’t hurt the movie’s popularity at all.


Kick-Ass became a Halloween classic almost instantly too. People love to dress up as superheroes, especially ordinary people who become superheroes. People can use morph suits, wigs, hair dye, and other props to create their own unique superheroes for Halloween. Groups of friends love to dress up as characters from the film each year and form their own everyman superhero justice leagues. If you like to have fun on Halloween instead of focusing on scaring people create your own Kick-Ass superhero costume this year.


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