Create the Right Halloween Atmosphere with Sound and Music


Music and sound effects are crucial to creating the perfect Halloween atmosphere. Whether you’re trying to create a scary haunted house or a rocking Halloween party using music and sound effects can make or break the mood.  One of the best parts about Halloween is that you can’t go too far when it comes to decorating or setting a mood. The more over the top you go the more fun you and your friends and family will have. Here are some tips to help you effectively use music and sound effects 01001569.zoom.ato set the right Halloween mood:

Stick with the classics – When you’re trying to scare the costume pants off little Trick or Treaters by turning your house into a Haunted House the classic scary sounds are the best.  Screams, chains rattling, boards creaking, diabolical laughter, witches cackling, and ghosts moaning are traditional Halloween sounds that are super scary, especially combined with light effects and props.  Make sure you have a couple of Halloween noise CDs on hand so that you can change the noises randomly throughout the night.

Don’t forget the ambient music – Scary noises are, well, scary. But ambient music that has no words and is played in the background can really scare people because it sets their sense on edge. Dark ethereal music, 00693242.detail.aespecially organ music or very esoteric electronic music can transform an ordinary room into a creepy crypt, a haunted mansion, or a witches cottage. Ambient music should be always playing in the background.  Combine ambient music with a few witches cackling sounds or evil laughter sounds for a truly scary effect.

Go for the gore – If you want to induce Halloween nightmares don’t shy away from the extreme noises.  One of the reasons why horror movies are so horrifying is because of the sound effects. Use those sound effects to really turn up the fear factor at your Halloween party or for Trick or Treaters. Sound effects like saws, heavy machinery, roaring fires, bubbling beakers, electric shocks, and the sound of breaking bones can be terrifying in the right context.  Make sure that you have several different type of scream effects so that it sounds like several people are being murdered in the background and not just one.

Pick up Halloween Party Classics – If you’re having a Halloween party there are just some songs that your guests will expect to hear. Since you can only play these songs on Halloween night put these songs on repeat and party the night away! Classic Halloween party songs that you should buy on CD are Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Monster Mash,  Witch Doctor, I want Candy, Thriller, the Buffy the Vampire Theme Song, the Great Pumpkin waltz from It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Funeral March of the Marionette from the Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV show, the Addams Family theme song and the Munsters theme song.


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