Create Your Own Instagram Worthy Halloween Costume Photo


instagramwIf you want your Halloween photos to have your Instagram followers in awe this year you need to put a little effort into both your costume and the photos that you choose. Taking photos that are appropriately spooky require great lighting and some other tricks to make them truly Instagram worthy.


If just taking a photo and throwing it online isn’t what you want this year use these tips to create gorgeous Instagram photos that your followers will be in awe of:

Choose your costume carefully: If you want a beautiful photo that is going to be something that will get people talking don’t just throw on a cheap costume and take a photo. Choose a costume that will really flatter you and allow you to take some creative license. Choose a costume that is not something your fans will have seen you look like before. Make sure the costume fits well and looks good from many different angles. You may need to play with angles to get a great Instagram worthy shot so it’s important that the costume look good from multiple angles. Don’t be afraid to alter the costume if necessary to make sure it looks good.


Keep the background simple: Choose a background for the photo that enhances the costume but doesn’t overwhelm it. A sheet or a piece of pasteboard with vintage wallpaper on it are great choices for Halloween photos that will get noticed. If you want to create a more horrific look drip some fake blood on a white sheet, but keep the drippings artful so the blood doesn’t overwhelm the background. Or if you want to create a mad scientists lab a long table with a few thrift shop bottled with colored liquids in it will look great. You can even use a laptop to project a background onto a white sheet to make the picture even more dramatic.

Get the lighting right: Lighting a Halloween photo can be tricky. Spend some playing with colored lights to see what type of effects you get. If the colored lights don’t provide a flattering light consider using a lamp that simulates natural light and using black and white filters to get a sharper more dramatic image after you take the picture. Filters and photo shop can help but the lighting has to be good to begin with or the picture won’t look very good.


Use the right camera and filter: You can take the photo with your phone but don’t use Instagram to take the photo. Instead you should use Photoshop or another program to do the final filtering and enhancement of the photo. Remember you want this photo to be something out of the ordinary, so it’s worth taking a little extra time and trouble to set up the perfect shot. You can also add colored filters after the photo is taken if you can’t get just the right light when you are taking the photo.


Use great props: The right props will really make the photo look amazing. Keep in mind the theme of the costume and the feeling that you want to convey with the photo and choose props based on those factors. You can look at thrift shops and cheap stores to find items that you can use as props. Charity shops often have vintage era bowls and bottles. You can also find vintage gloves, jewelry and other items in charity shops and thrift stores that can make an ordinary photo look amazing.


Be unique: Even if you are using a theme that has been done before or a theme that lots of people are doing, like witches or zombies, add your own unique twist to it in order to set your photo apart. Wear an animal mask with a gorgeous French opera costume, or add some other unexpected twist to the photo to make it really stand out among the thousands of other photos on Instagram. Halloween is your chance to really show off interest and passions that you don’t get to show off the other 364 days of the year. Let your imagination run wild. You can’t go too far over the top when it comes to Halloween. That is the kind of creativity that will give you an Instagram worthy Halloween costume and photo.


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