Cheap Halloween Costumes


If you love dressing up for Halloween but don’t have a fortune to spend on a Halloween costume don’t worry. There cheapare plenty of budget friendly costumes that you can make yourself. Whether you need a last minute costume idea or you want tips on how to create a fun costume on a tight budget you are in the right place. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a costume that will look great.

You also don’t have to be particularly crafty to make a DIY Halloween costume. It helps if you have some basic sewing skills and other crafty skills but it’s not necessary. You can use accessories to create amazing costumes when you use items that you already have as the basis of your costume. Re-purposing clothing, shoes, and other items will give you the basis for a costume that you can accent with accessories. Since the clothing and shoes are usually the most expensive parts of a costume if you can use clothing or shoes that you already have it will save you a lot of money. Here are some tips that you can use to make a great DIY Halloween costume on a tight budget using accessories and inexpensive items:



Makeup is one of the cheapest things you can use to create a DIY Halloween costume. Buy makeup kits from a Halloween store to get the most bang for your buck. Drugstore cosmetics that are made for everyday wear usually don’t have the impact, colors, or staying power that you need to create a great Halloween costume. A simple makeup kit can be used to create several different costumes that will look like they are expensive. Wear all black clothing that you already have and have a friend create a beautiful sugar skull makeup using a kit and you will have a fabulous and trendy costume for about $10.

When you are using Halloween makeup to create elaborate patterns you can  use stencils to make sure that that patterns look good. You can use pre-made stencils from craft and hobby stores or you can print out designs from the Web and cut out paper stencils to use. Once you have created your design you can use anti-chafing gel from the drugstore to seal and protect your design. The gel will help the design last longer and protect it from other colors bleeding into it.

Practice the makeup designs that you want to create before Halloween to make sure that you get the look right and to make sure that you are used to wearing the makeup. You will need to wear it for hours so it’s a good idea to do a practice run with your costume and make sure it’s comfortable to wear for hours before Halloween.


Wigs and Hats

wigAnother inexpensive way to create a complete costume is to use wigs and hats combined with clothing that you already own. Wigs and hats can really pull a look together and give people the visual cues they need to know what your costume is supposed to be. A flapper’s black bob wig will instantly make it clear what your costume is. So will a top hat, or a dew rag, or dreadlocks. Wigs are a great way to totally change your look with zero commitment. Bright colored wigs combined with tights, tutus and other accessories make fun costumes for people of all ages that can be done on even the tightest budgets.

Style your wig on a foam head before you put it on to make sure that you get the style right without ruining the fit. Once it’s on your head you won’t have a lot of flexibility to make huge style changes so make sure the wig is the way you want it before you put it on. You should practice wearing the wig for several hours before Halloween to make sure it fits properly and isn’t itchy or uncomfortable.

Wigs can be worn several years in a row if you take care of them properly. After you are done wearing them style them one more time and store them in a plastic storage container on a foam head. If you store wigs correctly you will be able to make a huge variety of DIY Halloween costumes using those wigs and other accessories.


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